ZYX cartridge and advice

I have read with great interest the comments on the ZYX FS cartridge. I have a mid-80’s Koetsu Rosewood that has been retiped once by Expert Styles in England. It now needs to be completely rebuilt. I can send it to SE Asia Koetsu and have it rebuild and upgraded to a Signature for $900.00 US or purchased the ZYX FS new for $1100.00 US from Juki in HK. Have you compared the two cartridges or listened to them, and what is your opinion?
Has anyone compaired the low or high output ZYX.

Thank you for your comments.

My system

Atma-Sphere M-60 MKII (with lots of mods)

Atma-Sphere MP-3 with S&B TX103 step up transformers

Reference #A De Capo i

Teres 245, Battery powered

Koetsu Rosewood

Morch DP-6

Harmonic Technology truth-link

Speaker Cable
Harmonic Technology Pro-11 6N
Zero Autoformers

Harmonic Technology Pro-Ac11 power cords
Chang 3200 power conditioner (for the CD player)
Target R4 stands
30 amp dedicated power source
I listen 80% classical 20% Jazz

It is hard for me to imagine why anyone would ever trade in a Koetsu, especially rebuilt by Koetsu, for another brand. The cartridge you own is a unique work of art that can be rebuilt into an Urushi or higher if you desire and will only IMPROVE with age, provided it is well cared for. To me, the investment in a Koetsu is a listening pleasure investment for life. BTW I also like and use HT cables.
If you can have your old Rosewood rebuilt to Signature level for $900, I can't imagine why you haven't sent it off already. Being the owner of a Rosewood Signature Platinum, I can tell you that I would. Add a bottle of LP#9 and enjoy!
LP#9 is truly a must for fine cartridges, as are all of Record Research's products. I'm not a paid endorser, just an extremely satisfied customer/user.
I have a ZYX 1000 Airy, and I love it. It is as precise a transducer as I could have asked for. It plays all of my albums exactly as they where recorded, or as I percieve they where recorded. This is sometimes not good because of poor recordings, but I do not feel as if I am missing any of the music.


I used to own a Koetsu Black and I played that thing all the way down to the candeliver. Even with no tip (that I could see), it still made sweet sweet sweet music.

Having said that. As soon as I can afford it, I am in for a TT upgrade. I will have two tonearms on the table, one with the ZYX and one with a koetsu. There is more to reproduced music than precision. Especially considering my preferences are leaning towards the female voice.

An addition. I will be joining you in the Teres Brotherhood. Just like the Koetsu, the 340 is soooo beautiful, I couldn't imagine owning anything else. My present Gyro is good, but that is no longer my preferred look. The added sonic improvements are also important, otherwise there would be no need.

Cousin Billy
The ZYX Fuji or Airy are very nice cartridges. So is the Koetsu. Depends on what you like. You'll likely need different wands on the Morch, depending on which cartridge you want to use. The ZYX has a higher compliance than the Koetsu, and will probably like a lighter arm wand than the heavy one used for the Koetsu.
I have a Rosewood Signature from the early 90s and an R-1000 AIRY-X. The two are very different cartridges. The ZYX is an uncanny smooth operator, beautifully balanced and rich, its just a bit soft on attack. Its the kind of sound that you revel in but never quite get into. The Koetsu RS doesn't need any introduction, you know its strenghts and weaknesses. In comparison its a livelier cartridge but in it lacks the ZYX overall balance and smoothness. This doesn't make it a looser just different. In reality I haven't been able to choose between the two, maybe because I prefer my Ortofon over both of them.
OK I will bit. Which Ortofon?
The SPU-85 and the Jubilee!
The Ortofon SPUs are really special. Try to listen to the SPU Classic GM or the Classic GM-E. Remember however that they require HIGH-mass arms.