ZYX Atmos/D4 and SME4 antiskating


Just got a new ZYX Atmos and am installing it on my SME4. Given a 2.0g VTF, what is the recommended antiskating ?



Once the cartridge has broken in a bit you'll probably need very little antiskating, if any at all.

Read the responses on this thread , where you'll see that the majority who've tried it prefer very low/zero antiskating levels with modern, high end cartridges.

FWIW, my time with an Atmos in our system leads me to suspect that it will respond similarly to our UNIverse, so the method I posted on that thread should work fine.


P.S. The Atmos/4D also rewards careful adjustment of VTF by ear. Once it's run in a bit you should not assume that 2.0g of VTF, or any number, is best. The only way to optimize cartridges at this level is by listening. Fine tune by what the cartridge tells you, not by some arbitrary number.

Many thanks !

The reason why I'm asking is this. I previously had both ZYX Airy 3 and ZYX Fuji and both these cartridges manifested the same problem after some time: the needle was off axis (can't explain it otherwise in English). So that's why I'm afraid to do something wrong with my new D4.

I put zero AS (and not 2.0 anymore), so I hope this will be OK. I understand that the ear is the best tuning device, but I don't want to f***k up my D4...