Zyx Airy 3 Cartridge into Herron VTPH-1 Phono..

I would appreciate input from Audiogon members who have this setup.. I am interested in your experience and results with cartridge loading. (soldered in resistors)

Thank you.
Is your ZYX low output (.24mv, 4 ohms internal impedance) or high output (.48mv, 9 ohms)? Makes a difference.
Once you arrive at the correct resistive value, be sure to try Texas Components nude Vishay TX2575 for loading. Transparent, resolving, and harmonically rich.
100 Ohms Caddock MK132 is my prefrerence for loading the ZYX
I run the 0.24 mv with 100 Ohm Vishays in the Herron. No problem with gain. I think the ZYX phono stages use 125 Ohm loading. I've been thinking about trying that.
Pbaudio, Yes we all have ours favs. I have lately been replacing MK132 and TF020 with TX2575 & have been surprised by the superiority of TX2575. They have more detailed and refined treble & better delineated bass.
Thanks to all for your advice on my Zyx .24 Airy 3 to Herron setup..

I now have the Caddock MK 132 resistors to try (thanks to Pbaudio), and I also purchased a set of the Texas Components TX2575 (100 ohms and .005 tolerance!) which I will try as well..
Incredible packaging by Texas Components - The two tiny resistors came double boxed with peanuts and a foam padded envelope. (a box about the size of a motorcycle battery!)

I guess these nude Vishay resistors may be a bit fragile, so I will take care on the installation..(I will get someone who actually knows how to solder well)

Question: If we can find the standard 47Kohm resistors that are in the Herron, should we remove them and replace with a piece of the long wires that come on the new resistors?
Does this make sense?

I know I could just leave them in, but your thoughts are most appreciated on this..what do you think?

Thank you guys.

Thanks again all..
leaving in the 47Kohm resistors..
Do you have the the MM or MC version of the Herron? The MC version will have a small circuit board connected to the input jacks. This board will have tag posts to connect the resistors. I question if the MM version has sufficient gain for a .24mv cartridge.
I do have the MC+ version Herron, so .24 is fine..

I put in the 100 ohm resistors and the sound has literally come alive. It sounds great.

Conclusion: don't leave it at 47kohms - add the proper load resistors for the cartridge.

Thanks to all,