ZuCables any experiece

I've been looking at their products and wondered as to others experience.
have bmi eel ref's and zucable birth pc's. definitely would stand behind the birth pc's. well made and as if nonexistant when in use. kurt
I have the ZuCable FireMine digital cable. For it's price, I was surprised at how well it played against the Cardas Lightning digital cable which is about 4 to 5 times more. It was warm sounding with good detail in the at both frequencies. Also their WarMouth Silver IC is good too being warm for a silver cable without the brightness & fatigue.
The guys over at ZuCable, Sean, Marty & Adam are great guys to work with, very friendly and knowledgeble.
I have their p/c's and their digital cable,excellent products regardless,but incredible value aswell,AL
I have the Firemine Digital and the Julian Bi-Wire speaker cables. echo the above on the Digital cable, and the Speaker cables are great for the price. Do a search on Zu cable here and you will see my other reviews.

Note: I ordered the Wax Speaker cables last night. I will post my findings compaired to the Julians in a few weeks.

Great customer service!
Hi All,
I received my Wax speaker cables yesterday, and are letting them grow into my system before a direct A/B test. Build quality is top notch, and cold out of the box they are more revealing than the Julians. I will post back in a week or so with my results.
As a time constrained consumer, it is rare that I take the time to write and acknowledge a company. My standards are high and my accolades are directed only towards companies that are able to intersect exceptional customer service, outstanding value, and a superior product. In the case of Sean and Marty at Zu Cable (www.zucable.com), I felt strongly compelled to let them, as well as others, know of my consumer experience as a purchaser of Zu Cable products.

Like many other HiFi consumers, I was in the educational process on cables trying to determine how to improve my current system’s performance. I came across Zu Cable while conducting a search on speaker cables. Loaded with the skepticism of past cable purchases and the shock of higher end cable prices, I decided to call Zu Cable to about their products. What I encountered, in Sean and Marty, was knowledge and experience that spanned almost 2 decades of cable design at a major audio cable company. What intrigued me was their quiet confidence that is only exuded by passionate inventors that have truly developed something very special. Zu Cable backs this confidence with a 30 day “no questions” money back guarantee. Although my initial budget was directly tested by the $800 price tag for the Wax Speaker Cables, Sean was sympathetic yet, confident that my experience would alleviate my budget anxiety. I was only 2 business days away from another level of audio nirvana and I did not know it! As I awaited my Wax Cables, I second guessed my decision a dozen times and called Marty and Sean for some reassurance. They continued to help reaffirm my decision and never rushed the discussions.

Once I received and installed the Wax speaker cables, on my Naim Audio system, the second-guessing disappeared sometime into the third song. The sound stage on my system truly opened up to introduce higher levels of separation and more defined highs, mid-ranges, and bass. After 1 week, I am still technically in a burn-in period; I know this as I continue to hear improvements in the music.

The Wax speaker cable is heads above any other $800 expenditure that I have invested in my audio system. Wax has surpassed all my expectations by a substantial margin. I also believe that it will outperform any other cable I have heard, including those 3x the Wax’s modest price tag.

So, I am officially a Zu bigot and will update my experiences with my “now on order” Crux interconnects and Birth power cables.

Throughout the entire process Sean and Marty humbly state “yes, we are very proud of the Wax” and “we are glad that you also have experienced the positive results with Wax”…meanwhile I am brimming with enthusiasm.

Anyone viewing this and considering a cable upgrade, should take the no-risk chance to evaluate the Zu Cable difference. Once the true HiFi eclectics find this new company…I am certain that Zu Cable will become a mainstream name. Until then, I relish in having discovered an undervalued “up and comer” and having my friends jealously ask about the wonderfully musical sound my system produces.


Well stated! The guys at Zu are very genuine in there advice and recommendations. This is a hard quality to find that many other companies overlook in their rush to get products to market. I am glad you like your Wax, I love mine!
I have several Birth power cables and have to say they clean up the upper register and midrange, but they DO also "clean up" the lower register, and that may be someting you will NOT like if you are a thumper freak. I would say the power cable for the amp works best if NOT via a line conditioner... or the bass actually becomes anemic. The power cables are interesting and a good value if the qualities above are what you are looking for. In previous posts I have said the sound of the woofers without the Birth power cables sounded like a "wooley Rinocerous" was in my living room... compared to WITH the Birth power cable.
I've had the Oxyfuel interconnects in my system for a few weeks and am very impressed. Compared to some of the best the highs are right up there while the mids sound a tad less fleshed out and the bass perhaps a little overdamped, but the bass actually works better in my system. These interconnects do very little wrong and are quickly becoming my reference for this price range($110 1m pair). Highly recommended.