Zucable's Varial

Anyone out there using these ICs with their cdp? My new rig setup means I have to sell my Harmonix Golden Performance. Just too short no matter how I slice it. Zu does have a generous money back return policy, but I was just wondering if anyone out there has these babies in their system? Oops, just realized that I haven't checked the archives, but if any audiophools haven't contributed in the past, I'd certainly appreciate your feedback. thanks in advance. peace, warren :)
I've used the balanced versions in the past and was very pleased. They compare favorably to the KS 1130s but seem to have a little more treble energy than the Kimbers. Zucable's customer support is first rate, and they give 60 days to try them.
Compared to the Kimber 1130's!!!! ???? Come on!
I own both these cables .
You my friend are no John Kennedy... OOPs wrong ranting!
Anyway, the Zu Cables are nice and priced where they should be.
Dont get carried away with the high end comparisons.
Ozzy, can you elaborate a tad? Maybe I can stretch my Harmonix Goldens? You think 6 inches is possible? lol..e-mail on the side if you like...warren
Warren what tube amp did you end up getting? I looked in your system profile and there's no amp there. Whatja get?
What do you think Audion Sterling Premier be? 18 SET Watts per. How sweet it is...
Sorry mustve missed it. Sounds like a real winner, enjoy!
I was interested in the Varial, but as I did research on it, I found people who loved it, and many who did not think it very good at all, with a somewhat skewed frequency balance and soundstage. I'd be curious to hear from those who have used it and compared it to cables in its price range.
don't use the varial in a warm sounding rig. Also if you like the sound of silver you are going to hate the zu sound.
hello the varial are all about balance if you system s bright it will bring that out as far as if you have a warm sounding system ,that is ok if that what your speakers
or amp, preamp is doing and you like it . This cable exposes weaknesses down stream in your system that is why there are people that don't like it . I have a 20k + system with their mother power cables and my system sings also with the Ibus speaker cable.Why do you thing Srajan
from 6moons.com likes it ,for it works well in many systems that are in there for review.
That's what I loved about my Harmonix Golden Performance ICs. I do not like the idea of using ICs as tone controls. Never did. That is great to hear about the Varials. Funny you should post today on this. My Varials came just a couple of hours ago. I have them hooked (via a conversation with Adam) up to a cheap cdp, that I have hooked to my home video amp. I'm just going to leave it on 24/7 for 8 days. That will give them a good 200 hours. Don't like playing my music behind the IC eight ball. The remaining break in I can deal with.
I own the Varials, balanced and single ended. Also the Ibis =dual runs and the Mother power cord.

Comparing these cables to the likes of Kimber Select is far fetched.
I am using these cables in my HT second system.
The Varials are better than $500 Audioquest cables , but please don't get carried away.

The 6 Moons reviewer is a Mooner or should I say spaced out. Read some of his other reviews, all flowery with no substance.

Again, the Zu Cables are good cables and are priced right for what they normally sell for. Not the listed price !
Is anything worth the listed price Ozzy? Come on...Have you ever paid list price? Come on....I got what I needed. You know what that is? Yep, gots to listen for myself. And I can return those babies if I don't like them. Like I said, I'm not into ICs as a bass and treble control. Ozzy, are you? It would appear so....

I highly recommend the Von Gaylord VI. If you can afford it, the Chinchilla( I know. Stupid name) There was/is a 2M pair of the VI for sell on Audiogon for a decent price. I also have a lot of experience with the Zu Varial. I sold it many moons ago. Nice cable, but not my cup of tea. Another new ic on the market that, imho, exceeds sonically most cables out there is the new, pure silver PS Audio Transcendent; Amazing Sonics! Read the independent review on www.10audio.com
Warrenh, you should ask Ozzy about all the ICs he owns and has tried. Believe me when I tell you he has extensive first hand listening experience with cables from the entire price spectrum and he knows what's what in the wire pecking order.

All he said was that the Zu cables are good and priced fairly for what they normally sell for. Your comment about Ozzy being into tone controls was baseless in my opinion.

Taking into account personal preference and bias, Ozzy still brings the goods when it comes to discussions about wire.
Tvad, thanks for speaking for Ken. You're a real power and protector of the 'gon. Tone controls are tone controls. And I'm not picking on Ozzy. Let him speak for himself. I forgot about your onion skin temperment.
OK, Warrenh. I'll remember that.

You come walk in my shoes, and then we'll discuss onion skin.

Peace, man.
I don't wear pennyloafers...lol....good night...

I also can't see where Ozzy referred to any interconnects as "tone controls". Since this is your thread, I'll sign off with:

Peace, Sherod
If Ozzy never used an IC to soften some strident highs, or add a little brightness to something here or there that needed it, or maybe an IC that had a little more punch for this or that...I stand corrected....I thought by the mere mention of Kimber that he may lean that way. NBFD...sleep tight Ozzy, they are watching out for you....peace, warren :)

I did not mean to offend you with my comments on the Zu Cables. I took exception to the comparison to a class of cables that they just don't belong.

I'll admit I bought the Zu cables a few years back based on the hype at the time.

The Zu people are very nice and provide excellent cutomer support. The cables are good,and you are right they are not tone controls.
We should not buy cables to adjust faults in our systems.

But, we do buy cables that complement our systems. Thats why I have so many (always changing components). I even own a Audiodharma Cable Cooker (great item )

What is lacking in the Zu cables IMHO is the feeling that they complement the music and draw you in to the music. They sound kind of rough compared to other fine cables.
You will know it when you experience it.

Ozzy my man, thanks for your thoughts. You said it best: "you'll know when you experience it." I suppose that's always the way it is...