ZuCable any Opinions

Any opinions on ZuCable ic's (Warmouth) or speaker cable (Julian). Sean Casey is connected with this new company. Sean used to be GM at Kimber. I beleive Sean had a hand in the Kimber Select line. Thanks
I am going to demo a pair of ZuCable Julian speaker cables. www.zucable.com. I had a very informative conversation, with Sean at ZuCable, regarding their new product line. The recommended termination for there cables are un-coated copper spades. This is a new and interesting one to me, they say that "when your binding post is tightened against the spade a hermitical seal is formed that does not allow for corrosion". They still recommend onec or twice a year cleaning the spades with Brasso or some kind of copper cleaner. 30 day money back guarantee included. Very good communication on questions and concerns. I will post a review when I get them (tomorrow).
I got my cables and the first impression is excellent. The build quality and craftsmanship is excellent. The copper spades are very heavy duty. The sound is very "real", smooth, clean, and detailed. I will post an indepth review after they break in.
Ton 1313 Please share what your system is.
system is as follows.
Carver AV-505 Amp
Marantz AV-600 Pre-Amp
Marantz DP-870 Digital Processor
Energy C-4 L & R Speakers
Energy RVS-1 Center Channel
Jamo rears
Monster HTS 3500 Line Conditioner
Cal Audio Alpha DAC
Cal Audio Delta CD Transport
Panasonic A320 DVD Player
Interconnects are all Cableplex (Custom on ebay) excellent performance to cost ratio!
I've been breaking in my Bi-wire Julian Speaker cables (I did also get a single cable for my center channel) for approximatly 15 hours on a diet from Chris Isaak to Guns & Roses. The first listen, out of the box, was very good. After a little break-in time they sound awsome! All of the detail I like, with the smoothness I was looking for. The cables softened up the Airiness in Chris Isaak's and Patrica Barber's voices that was present with my Tara-Labs Prism Bi-wires. Piano strikes ring out very crisp and smooth, and the cymbals are very dynamic. There is a section on the Chris Isaak Baja Sessions CD that used to produce a frequency that would rattle my left tweeter. The Julians tamed this frequency and have definitly impressed me.

Home Theater performance was equally impressive. The whole front end seems to have a balance that was not there before. Tarzan and Toy Story 2 had more detail and resolution in the subtle effects. The explosion of the helicopter in The Matrix was not distorted at all. You could hear every little explosion that comprised the whole sequence.

The build quality is top notch, and the copper spades are heavy duty. The Bi-wire cables are "SHOTGUN" style with two different guage wires. The people at ZuCable were very helpful and quick to respond with all of my e-mail and phone questions. Thanks to Sean and Marty for getting in touch with me through the forum.

There is a 30 day guarantee, so give these cables a try, you won't be disapointed.
how about NOT advertising in here...
People asked for an opinion on these cables, they got one. I gave a fair reply to this cable question. I am not an advertiser, and an not affiliated with ZuCable in any way. I just took the chance to try these cables and am happy with them. You don't like it, go read somewhere else.
I just received my Firemine .75 meter digital cable. Without burn in it bettered the Stealth cable I was using. It is a stiff cable with good build quality. I am very happy so far.
Hey everybody, I compaired my Bi-wire Julians to DH Labs Q-10 Bi-wire. First I want to say that th DH Labs sound great, especially at their price point. I was ready to buy them until Sean @ Zu Cable emailed me, and asked to give their cables a listen. I am glad I did. The Julians are an excellent cable and if you read my review above, they did the same thing to the DH Labs (to a lesser degree than the Prism Bi-wires). After hearing these, I might have to give the Digital Coax a try.
Thanks for the first hand experiences. Very informative. I'm tempted to try the Julian's between my Baron and CLSes and move my AQ Midnight's to the subs.

And, Justy, how about NOT posting here? There was no "advertising" going on.
I just got my Firemine, and as Mi3941, with no break in this cable is great. It bested my Tara Labs CD-1 and a Balanced cable from Madrigal.
The Firemine is breaking in and it is highly recomended. The cable changed everything for the better. I use it between my Pioneer Dv-333 and a Audio Note Dac-1.1x (1x oversamling dac). My system is Melos gear and speakers are North Creek. Speaker wires are a kit made from 99.999% silver and interconnects are Cardas and Distec. If you are on a less then $80.00 budget for a digital cable buy the Firemine!
Has anyone tried the Oxyfuel interconnect? If so how does it stack up?
How does the zu cable compare to kimber 4tc
Well, I just bought some ZuCable WAX biwire. I will be able to compare them to my old shotgun 4tc biwire.
Sean and the gang are great to deal with! I got their Firemine digital cable and the Warmouth!
The Firemine is great sounding and for it's asking price, it is even greater! It played better than the more expensive Cardas Lightning! It had everything the Cardas had but with better dynamics!
The Warmouth is also a real surprise! When I first got it, I was surprised at it's size and thought well it will be ok but not that fantastic! Well after full burn-in, I had to swallow my words cause the cable was just great and it's bass and midbass performance was weighty and had authority but always in control and this coming from a silver cable! I compared it to the Cardas Cross and Golden Cross and the Warmouth was better! Both cables played well in my system and also in my friends system, a all tube set!
I just orderd 2 pair of oxyfuel IC's. I will try to give short reviews as the weeks go by.
For more information on Zu products, please visit the Zu forum at www.harmonicdiscord.com