Zu + what DAC =Musical Happiness.

As the title suggests I am thinking of upgrading my DAC.  I currently have Zu Druid speakers, Melody el 34 integrated, eastern electric DAC+ being fed Qobuz through Audivarna. There are 2 main reasons for upgrading. First, EE never updated their Mac drivers past Yosemite so I can no longer use my Mac mini and am forced to run via windows work laptop and second while really good I assume the EE can now be bested. I mostly listen to indie rock, pop with some Hawaiian and jazz sprinkled in. So sound quality is not always the best.  Budget is less than 1200 used.  Based on reviews I am currently considering chord qutest and MHDT orchid but I have no experience with either. 
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I will definitely reach out to 213Cobra he has helped me out immensely in the past. Without ever hearing FPGA or R2R  I am wondering if the only way to know for sure is to try both out. 
Well, off course that's the only way to know for sure. LTA may offer MHDT dacs on trial/sale or return. Qutest should be easy to demo.
Qutest, would be easy but i don't think that's possible yet here in LA. I did mean to add that if 213Cobra loves the MHDT that's a pretty strong endorsement. Given his gear one could infer that its not necessarily good for the money but just straight up good. thanks again. 
I would definitely recommend the Qutest.  Lots of us sell Chord on-line and offer 30 Day in-home trial.  Your only risk is return shipping which is about $16 as it fits nicely in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box.  I send out like three a week.  

If you were running a SS amp to the Zus, then it would make a lot of sense to go with the MHDT.  But, you may be doubling down too much with the Melody EL34.  
verdantaudio thanks for the information. When I am ready I might have to take you up on that offer!