Zu Tones with Druid Drivers

Any of you folks out there that are enjoying your Zu Tones might want to call the nice folks at Zu Audio to ask about updating the drivers to the ones that are used in the Druids and Definitions. I just had mine updated, and was certainly worth it, especially considering the very reasonable price! The main difference with the new drivers is a smoother frequency response. The original drivers had a fairly broad peak in the 3 - 3.5 kHz range which (among other tonal irregularities) actually hurt my ears with certain female vocals. The new drivers completely resolved that issue. Now the combination of the updated Tones with a pair of the Mini-Methods is truly amazing.
Really? I thought they used the Same exact FRD's on all models?
The Tone using a different, somewhat less expensive full range driver.
Hey Smeyers, I was actually considering asking Sean about doing this when I shipped my Tones to them for break-in a month or so again but I figured it would be too costly. How much did the driver-swap cost? This is something I might consider the next time I go on vacation...
Hi Glitch,

I'd prefer not to quote the price since it is not one of their standard items, but I can assure you that it is extremely reasonable. Call them to discuss it.

- Stew