Zu Speakers with Clarity Cap upgrade vs standard

Anyone here have done the upgrade to their Zu Dirty Weekend ii themselves? Was the difference significant? Thanks
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I have not, big fan of Clarity CMR caps though.

If you get one > 5 uF, strongly encourage bypassing with 0.1uF copper foil.
The clarity cap upgrade from Zu is 1.0 uf 400v. Was considering trying  Vcap ODAM of the same value instead. That could be interesting...
Yes I’ve done it. Easy to do and although I’m hesitant to say significant, the difference was noticeable. Well worth the cost.
Thanks Whoopycat.....  I am shocked at how good these little speakers sound. For the money they are impressive. 
@pstores if you haven't done so yet add a good subwoofer or two and be prepared for significantly more improvement ;-)