Zu Speakers with Clarity Cap upgrade vs standard

Anyone here have done the upgrade to their Zu Dirty Weekend ii themselves? Was the difference significant? Thanks
I have not, big fan of Clarity CMR caps though.

If you get one > 5 uF, strongly encourage bypassing with 0.1uF copper foil.
The clarity cap upgrade from Zu is 1.0 uf 400v. Was considering trying  Vcap ODAM of the same value instead. That could be interesting...
Yes I’ve done it. Easy to do and although I’m hesitant to say significant, the difference was noticeable. Well worth the cost.
Thanks Whoopycat.....  I am shocked at how good these little speakers sound. For the money they are impressive. 
@pstores if you haven't done so yet add a good subwoofer or two and be prepared for significantly more improvement ;-)
Mr. lak ... please elaborate on your thoughts on a "good" subwoofer to pair with the ZU Dirty Weekend Omen MKIIs.

I have a couple of DWs arriving is a couple of months ... I want to be prepped w everything I need to be happy :)
I have not heard the ClarityCap CMR upgrade with the Zus but I use CMRs in my speakers and they are a great cap.  Very flat frequency response.  Not warm, not bright.  
I did not do the upgrade myself but I have DW mkII with clarity caps paired with REL T/9i and the sound is amazing. 
Hello all ... I have a question for those of you that are using REL Ti subwoofers.
Are you connecting the subwoofers to the AMP… Or are you connecting them to the ZU speaker posts?
If it’s an AMP connection, what plug-in connection are you using?
Best regards.