ZU speaker cables

Saw an ad for Zu speaker cables made in Utah. They have a model, called the "Julian"--- 10 ft run with spade connects for $320 (seems inexpensive). Anyone familiar with this product and company?? It seems to be getting some attention over the Net
While I am not familiar with that particular model I am familiar with the company and their after sales service ranks right up there with the best of them. They do have a forum over at Harmonic Discord and they offer a 30 day return policy. I have tried their Wax (top model) bi-wires and found they bested a pair of HT Pro 9+ wires for resolution and bass response. The soundstage is still a little compressed but they only have 10 hours on them. I won't really compare them to my reference cables until I have at least 75-100 hours on them.

The above link is my personal experiences with the Zu speaker cables - both the Julian Biwires and the Wax. Great products and great customer service.

The link below is a professional review from Tim Shea @ soundstage, on the Julian speaker cables.

I own an 8ft pair of the Julians, wonderful for the $$. My main system has Ensemble Megaflux now, they replaced 2 fine, inexpensive cables: the Zu, and the Mapleshade Double Helix.

In all honesty, I liked the Mapleshade better than the Zu, but my cats liked it, too, and its construction was strange and volatile enough that I had to remove them. In went the Julians, and I didn't miss the Mapleshades at all. Julians were great with detail, a little forward in mids, but I actually liked it a lot. Veyr musical, especially at the price.

The Ensemble cable is in another league, but it is definitely priced that way. Even used, I spent almost 4 times as much for the Ensemble as the Julians.

I would highly recommend the Julians, only in extreme cases would it not be a good fit (if you're system is very aggressive, it'll show through with this).

Good luck in your search.

Todd Samost (chams_uk)
I have a Pair of Julian bi-wires and love them. Have them on a pair of Jeff Rowland 3 monoblocks. With a pair of Epos ES-11's very nice mids, smooth highs. The bass was a little lacking till I changed my PC's on my amps (Virtual Dynamics Power 2's)