Zu Soul Supreme Recap -- Owners, what are your preferred system pairings with them?

I'll save a long backstory, but in short I've got the Zu Soul Supremes and I absolutely love them for what they do, at least in my relatively small (13x15x9) listening room.  I've had them a couple years as a follow-on to previous Zu speakers (Unions and Cubes, which I still own).  Those followed some vintage Altec horns (16 ohm Valencias and 19s)--which I love, but love the Zus more for daily listening.  Sean recommended the Supremes over the Druids at the time for the size of my listening room, although I suspect the Druids would have been as good or better regardless.

My interest is to hear from other Zu Soul Supreme owners...not may posts in this forum from owners that I can find.  I'd prefer to focus this discussion on the Soul Supremes, as there is a lot of great info already on the Druids and Definitions (which I assume are more prevalent in the wild), even though I'm sure have a ton of overlap in system synergy.


What system components are you finding to be great/phenomenal matches to the Soul Supremes, what have you compared them to, and what hasn't worked as well?   Anyone running them with what you consider to be really high-end gear?  I'm super curious to see how far these speakers can go before a speaker upgrade makes way more sense.

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I will be talking with Gerrit on Monday and will be leaning towards that direction. I figure that if I am going to upgrade from a speaker that I already love, might as well make it something really worth it, instead of buying the same speaker again. I am just amazed how much I love my Dirty Weekends, I am listening to them as I type this and they always put a smile on my face. But I know that I am always going to ask myself, "What if" if I don't go the Soul Supreme route. 
I’d go with the used Druid V’s on the USAudio Mart.  I’ve owned them and they are pretty nice. I’ve also owned Def MKIV and preferred the Druids. I have not had a chance to hear the Soul Supremes however. 

Used Druid Vs could be a great call too, but with the room size hifi-buck mentions, that seems like maybe a better fit for SS's?  I'm sure Gerrit & crew will have given you good advice on that, if you talked to him already.  My buddy had Druid 5s and I had the 6s, but both in slightly larger rooms.

It took a while, but my Soul Supremes came in. Haven’t dialed them in yet, but I already know I’m going to lose a lot of sleep. Is it contradictory to acknowledge the law of diminishing returns but still say they’re worth the upgrade? I just put them right where the Omen DW had been, but it already seems like there is just more there there, more immediacy, better definition, more separation, more depth to the soundstage. “The reason it’s a cliche is because it’s true.” So insert your favorite audiophile platitude here. They’re keepers.