Zu Soul "Superfly" with Cary CAD-805's

Was wondering if anyone has ever tried Zu Soul "Superfly's" (or any Zu speakers) driven by Cary CAD-805's? I have wanted these amps for a long time and am even more intrigued now as they come with a 16 ohm tap. My experience has been that Zu's (esp Soul) sound best when connected to the 16 ohm transformer tap. Any feedback greatly appreciated. 
While I don't have direct experience with the Superflys, I tried Druids for a short time with my Cary 805Cs.  While I am very fond of both the 805s and Druids, they did not work well together.  I find that both these particular amps and speakers have a lot of mid-range focus.  Put together, it was too much.  The sound became very thick and slow.  Maybe too much in the way of micro-dynamics, and sound was far too warm.  Also, there was some sort of resonance that I couldn't ignore.  This may have been the room rather than the amp and speakers.  Ultimately, I sold the Druids in favor of keeping the Carys.  I could have just as easily gone the other way, but I've had the Carys a long time now, so they were my old friends.  I'm currently using Harbeth SHL5's, and that's a great match.  As always YMMV.
Thanks for the feedback jeffrewyds. 
Out of curiosity, which transformer tap did you use?
I tried them with the 8 and 16 ohm taps.  My ears couldn't hear much difference, but I have the older 805Cs.  Maybe the newer Cary 805s would have more differentiation.  Also, FWIW, my first experience hearing the Druids, they were powered by a Yamamato A08S.  That was a fantastic pairing.
Thanks again. 
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