Zu Soul, Spendor A5r and a general question about musical vs technical speakers

I've read a number of reviews that talk about Zu's dynamics, musicality, tone and high fun-factor.

Yet these are high quality and cost more than a chocolate bar. My question is: has anyone had experience playing classical music (as opposed to rock and blues) through the Zu? Can you share your experience?

One of my local dealers has a pair of Spendor A5r demos, they're somewhere close in price to a Zu Soul (depending on the model). These speakers are said to be quite different, being high on detail (so I've heard anyway).

This raises another question, does a "musical" speaker really refer to a speaker that plays rock & blues type music well, while a technical speaker refers to a speaker that plays classical music well?

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A really good neutral speaker is not so common but it will play everything well from classical to hip hop to HT movies from soft levels to hard rock loud. Many speakers may only work well within some limited genre boundaries or within a certain volume range.