Zu Presence vs. Devore Nines

I am looking at buying one of these two speakers to run with my 8 watt Audio Note 300B amp.

I am leaning towards the Zu Presence because of the buzz this speaker line is causing and the positive feedback of owners.

Any thoughts on the Devore Nines before I pull the trigger on the Zu?
Do Zu speakers still come with the generous home trial period? If so, this alone is reason to begin with the Zu speakers. You'll know if they're for you.

Demo pair has no such option. I could resell at the price I would be paying for them though.

Mixed feedback on the lower model but not so much for the Presence.

I have limited space and I do not want to sell my amp and lose my shirt in the sale so I need efficient speakers. I have to much $$$ in the tubes alone ($1,100.00) to see someone else post on the 'Gon how much they like the AN P3 Silver they bought.
I see. Too bad the home audition doesn't apply.

Maybe it's worth getting on a plane to hear these two speakers? Although, you won't know how they sound with your amp unless you ship it ahead.
All of the ZUites ski so I think I might head out there in March and do some ZU sking.
There's a Devore dealer in San Francisco. Not far from Salt Lake by air.
I have the Zu Definitions. I auditioned the Devore Nines in NYC. With the caveat that the spaces and electronics were totally different, to me there was no comparison - especially when it came to tone, dynamics, bass, etc.
I have the Zu Definitions. I auditioned the Devore Nines in NYC. With the caveat that the spaces and electronics were totally different,
a potentially big caveat, or are you comfortable with your assessment?
to me there was no comparison - especially when it came to tone, dynamics, bass, etc.
so which one did you like better?

I would think that being an owner of the Zu Presence that you prefered the Zu to the DeVore?
It doesn't matter what anyone else prefers.

9/10 people may prefer speaker A. You might be the only one who prefers speaker B. Does that make your preference wrong? Of course not.

Listen to both if you can...but you already know this.
I did not listen to the Zu Presence. However, I definitely preferred the Zu Definitions that I have at home to the Devore Nines that I heard in the shop.
One difference between the Zu and Devore is that one is upfront and the other is more laid back. Zu projects more of the stage in front of the speakers while Devore has a behind the speakers stage. Also the tweeter in the Devore is more forgiving lets say sweeter sounding. This is all personal preference as Tvad said and listening yourself is always the best. Myself I had the Devore Reference Silverbacks and the Zu Defination Mk 1.9 in my system at the same time and I now have the Silverbacks. I think the Devore also have more WAF based on looks but the Zu will be the easier load to drive.
Agree that you should listen if possible, especially since these speakers are both more idiosyncratic than many other speakers.

From my experience, Zus excel at dynamic contrasts, & quick transient changes. I agree w/comment that they present a soundstage projected mostly between and somewhat in front of the speakers. The mate well with low powered SETs, etc.

Devore Nines also are easy to drive. They are probably nice in smaller rooms, present a deeper stage, and more distant perspective with sounds between & behind the speaker plane. They have a full-bodied midrange and a natural delicacy with acoustic guitar, voice and piano. For me, they struggled to move much air when presented with dynamic orchestral music, and ultimately left me feeling that something was missing when playing "big music". If I listened mostly to jazz trios & singer/songwriters & had a small space, they might be ideal.

Overall, they are so different, you need to hear them! Cheers,
nice system...with 8 watts though, you're being a little too optimistic about the devore. your AN J's are perfect for your amp. If you're looking for deeper bass, putting the J's in corners will help....otherwise give the zu's a shot.
Hello Glory,

Your Audio Note amp is a great match for a pair of The Nines. I use the AN P-3 Silver Signature with my Super 8s at home and they are a bit less sensitive than The Nines. The combo has powered plenty of crowded parties with nary a complaint. Don't be overly influenced by published sensitivity specs, many are quite "optimistic." Another AN speaker is rated at 98dB/W/M but was measured at just 92.5 in a prominent review.

Happy listening, and have a great new year.
John DeVore