Zu or Tekton owner in NYC area willing to demo?

I am seriously considering those 2 speaker makers, but they don't have distributors so wondering if anyone is willing to demo their own set... Thanks in advance!

both offer in home demo....
I have a pair of Enzo's in Mt Vernon NY
Gb9746 I saw that you used to have lore-s how did they compare with the enzos
I have the Zu Druid V's. I live in Staten Island, if you want to swing by for a listen, let my know. My system page shows what I run them with.

The Enzo's and the Lore S are both very detailed and dynamic. The Enzo's can be used without a sub. I turned up the bass on my sub slightly with the Lore S. The Enzo's fill a bigger room better, but you would not go wrong with either. They are both magical.