Zu Mission speaker cables

Those with direct experience of these SCs, how would you characterize their essential timbral profile?

(Please, at this stage I'm not interested in alternatives, I'm just trying to get a handle on these.)
I have a pair that I haven't used in years and as I remember, they favor the midrange with somewhat recessed highs and a bit ambiguous bass. They weren't as detailed as I like but the tone was pretty good. This was with my Tonian Labs TL-D1s. I really liked them until I tried something else, which I won't go into.

The Tonians will make any cable sound good on it's own so I'd go so far as to say that it's going to depend on what's in front and behind them.

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I have several pairs, to me they are neutral, as good or better than some I have that cost 4-5 times as much.
IMO for the money ZU cables and IC's are best value in audio.
Nonoise and Schubert, thanks.

Schubert, have you specifically had the Missions in your system rather than the earlier Libtecs?
Yes, tough call too. Libtecs favor upper-base . lower-mids a bit which gives a warmer sound to string quartets which I find pleasing.Only my ears though. As I'm sure you know may sound different in your system.
I'm using Libtecs right now because I have a 6 foot pair which looks better than a 10 ft pr of Mission in my current placement.