Zu introduces Soul 6


Major changes:
1. $5999 starting price
2. Okoume standard finish instead of hickory
3. Bigger cabinet - up from 31.5" to 36"
4. 120 days to audition in home!

Zu claims Druid 6-type performance, deeper bass than mk.II, more amp friendly, horn-like impulse response.
I am intrigued.  Soul Supreme is a nice value at $4500 so Zu must really feel this a step up in performance to price it above that.  


Mozart like give high level advices with low level experience. Some guy just like peck at keyboard. I like hear balance review 3 highlight and 2 opportunity. I might get these for sled shop replace old Zu. 

"I can assure you w/o hearing the Zu line...."

Wouldn't it be great to not hear the mozart line?

See Darko has it as his speaker of the year for 2021.  He has some comments about the speaker in his best products video that was posted about a week ago.  Phil looking forward to your write up.

I know years ago as part of it's value proposition, Zu seemed to ride a wave of being a direct distributer, hence having more value per dollar. Is that true today? What is the direct competitor for the Soul 6? I know in a nicer finish it would be similar in price to something like the Fyne 702, although maybe not in efficiency. Devore O/93? Just curious what else buyers are comparing. 


Just curious what else buyers are comparing. 

Isn't that typically Omega, Devore and Klipsch?