ZU event (version 1) speaker cables on sale/closeout


Looks like they are making way for much more expensive Version two. I think I will pick up a 6 foot pair. Any opinions? I have ZU omen defs currently running Canare 11 awg cables. 
Thanks for the heads up. I'm interested in this as I already own the Mission SCs and feel a larger gauge would fit my needs. They make a quality product, despite the techie word play.
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I put the cables in last night and all I can say is I like what I'm hearing so far. Right out of the box they offer more insight and clarity in the mids.  Though a bit softer sounding in the highs, they are more expressive and airy, and the bass has tightened up, eliminating some bloat that I didn't notice before. Like with the highs, the bass is a tad softer but as they break in that should be a non issue.

Time to go through my CD collection.

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Great feedback. Softer highs are a good thing (for me anyway). Keep us posted as they break in. We moved from a condo 2 years ago. I purchased my Omen Defs in the condo and they sounded great there. However, since moving to our house, I have been able to play the speakers at higher volume. I really thing the speakers are now truly breaking in. They seem to sound better and better.
The highs have opened up some more, losing the softness, allowing even more air and clarity but with not a hint of etch or digital glare. Brass shines and cymbals are very realistic. You can tell if it’s a direct hit or a glancing strike of the stick. All of this is pinpoint and shimmers at the point of contact and decays in all directions. They sound like the real thing.

Piano is just entrancing. You’re reminded that it is a percussion instrument as you can hear the strike of the hammer, the resonance of the soundboard and the mix and decay of notes. I’ve never been that big a fan of piano but after listening to Abdullah Ibrahim’s ’The Song Is My Story’ I’m hooked. Pedal play, creaks and adjustments don’t detract but add to the realism. The lower registers are as impactful as the higher ones giving the impression that there’s this big piece of music making right in front of you.

The bass is coming along but not at the same pace as the highs. It’s quick and tight with wonderful tone but doesn’t energize the room like the older Missions did, but they did add some bloat, like comfort food.
What they lack in that padded weight, they make up in a greater sense of an instrument being played and not a facsimile heard on the radio. These cables are in a different league than the Missions, the Mapleshades, the Clear Days, and whatever else I have on hand. At around half their original asking price, they’re a steal.

I know they will go even lower as I can clearly hear the fade out on tracks. Ham fisted cutting off of tracks reveal a precipitous drop off of the noise floor into dead silence so the levels are there to plumb. It’s just that it’s only been a couple of days and the cables still have to come into their own.

And one more thing. That clarity I speak of pertains to the whole soundstage. Side to side, front to back, and up and down, there’s not a hint of dust or cobwebs. It’s kind of weird as I’m used to some degree of obfuscation, having heard it my whole audiophool life. Notes played on opposite sides will meet in the middle and keep going past each other to the other side and not gel or homogenize. Neat.

So far, so good.
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I'll be curious how the bass opens up more as they get broken in. 
I have the Event ICs and they are excellent. A definite improvement in my system over the Zu Varials I had previously.
It's hard to believe I only have about 30-40 hours on these cables and not the "needed" 400 hours to have them sound their best. The bass is now on par with the rest of the frequencies. Everything is very evenly proportioned, strength-wise.

I feel sorry for my neighbors. :-)

I just had to turn it down some because of the large dynamic swings I'm getting (time to turn it back up now....). Where was I? Oh yeah, tight and tuneful, delicate when called for, deep and super wide soundstage. I'm not one to get picky about soundstages as I enjoy the tone, timbre and timing aspects but there's one recording I have where this has never happened: while the singer is lulling me center stage, the guitarist appears to be sitting down as he's now about a foot below the speaker (which is on 24" stands and about 1.5' to the side of the right speaker. This has never happened on my rig. Horn players are about 5' high and 2' feet past the speaker. This happens in both directions, when called for. 
It's basically out in all directions as I can hear the notes dissipate left, right, high and low. 

It seems that there's some really good timing elements with these cables. Or maybe it's that phase thing that some cables makers brag about. All I can say it's very, very coherent, allowing for a more accurate recreation. If it gets better after another 360 hours, I'll commit myself.

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They got better. Bass is deeper and more defined. Highs are airier and still not the least shrill. Mids are completely intact with just a soupçon of warmth: your system will dictate just how much, not the cables. 

What they do best is completely (to these ears) open everything up to be heard. Some could listen and say the balance is off a bit here or there (I wouldn't), or the bass could be more fulsome (I'm only using two way monitors and what I do get is amazing), but the music is the most complete I've heard in my system. I'm not talking an overabundance of detail at the expense of anything, just a complete portrayal for one to behold. These cables allow me to just relax and at times, marvel, appreciate or fall into a reverie without any critical assessment. Time after time.

I must go off on a tangent here and give credit to the speakers (Clearwave Duet 6 monitors) for having a most transparent crossover as the smoothness in the transitions from highs to lows is faultless and only compliments the cables. Lots of synergy at play here, not one part compounding another, leading in misdirection, but complimenting another, leading in direction.

So far I have do doubts, suspicions or incertitude in them. It's like the cables are made out of air, silly as it may sound. 

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nonoise -

superb incremental review(s). Now I want a set. Thanks for sharing. And your use of incertitude as well  ;)