Zu Essence vs. any Emerald Physics CS series

I am looking to replace some speakers with either the Zu Essence or Emerald Physics CS-2, CS-2.3, or CS-3s. Has anyone compared any of these? I am looking for the most accurate and detailed soundstage. I would sacrifice some dynamics for better soundstage and clarity. Thanks for any input.
Checkout the current issue of Stereophile for a review of the Zus.
Not in the September issue. October maybe?
The Zu's are really good. I have not heard the Emerald.
Stragean Ebane of Six moons just did a review on one of the new Zu models... presence, I believe. Perhaps the Zu website has some links for other reviews.
Blindjim is correct. Zu's website has some reviews for the Essence. I just looked at it yesterday.
I have the Presence and for my room it is a keeper. Any amp with amp will drive them with great results.

I heard the two EP speakers a RMAF and like what I heard and was one of the better sounding rooms at the show. The amp setup for these speakers is a RPITA.
I was more than happy to see the Zu review in the current Stereophile.
what are you replacing?
09-12-09: Trelja
I was more than happy to see the Zu review in the current
Why? Please elaborate.

BTW, anyone have any "grape vine" info on model revisions and/or new
models. For example, it would seem to make sense for Zu to install the
ribbon tweeter that's getting good reviews into the Presence, or another
model that presently uses the older tweeter.

Just wondering...
I am replacing either some Dali Helicon 800 MK Is or some Avalon Acoustics Avatars. I like the soundstage better in the Avalons, but, this was their lowest model at time of manufacture and is lacking in bass quite dramatically. I am running a Genesis 928 subwoofer that sounds good with it. I feel like I cannot seamlessly integrate the sub with the Avatars. The Dalis are nice, I liked them better than the Paradigm S1s I listened to the other day. I have heard the Zu Essence in a very limited audition. However, in the Six Moons review it says the Essence have less directionality to them than the Druids. Does this mean they have more compact soundstage with less dimensionality? That statement was a turnoff. Anyone care to comment on that?
You should ask the 6moons review what he meant. I have found that 6moons reviews are very responsive. However, language is subjective; and many 6moons reviewers are not native English language speakers. And, converesely, the review in Tone Audio said: "The major strength of the Zu Essence, though, is its ability to project a larger-than-life stereo image with considerable width, depth and height."
moving the avalons a bit may help...in any event, the avatar should behave like the best allrounder in the bunch. it is a classic.
Thanks for all the input. I figured I would keep the Avatars. I am alright letting go of the Dalis. I haven't heard the Emerald Physics. I read that the CS-2.3 is a big improvement over the CS-2. It is interesting that the reviews for the CS-2 were so great, and now it is easy to discredit them in the name of the CS-2.3 being so much better. This kind of makes me leary. I have heard the Zu Essence and know they are capable of reproducing everything from the low end to the high end. Again, I didn't get to audition long enough, or use my music, so I could evaluate how the soundstage compares to the Avatars. I would probably go with the Avalon Isis if I could choose anything right now. Maybe the flagship for Avalon in 20 years when I can afford it.
did they measure the Essence in sphile?
I had the essence for a while and they are good speakers. However, they are not in the same league as the Emerald Physics CS 2.3. The CS 2.3 have better bass and imaging as well as very comparable tonal quality.
Old thread..sorry but I had to post..I have owned both the Zu Essence and Emerald Physics Cs 3 along the a pair of Omega subs..To me the EP are superior in every way..Of course the subs help! The combo of the EPs and Omega subs give me everything I want..Dynamics like no other,Imaging like I have never heard...Low volume resolution that makes me smile..I have a feeling that the EPs will be in my system for a long time...
My preference would be open baffle speakers. I am not playing down the ZU speakers but there are physical reasons I would prefer open baffle speakers.
I agree with what your saying about open baffle speakers..The best sound to me at the recent Newport beach audio show was all the open baffle speakers along with DSP..This is something EP gives us without breaking the bank..