Zu Essence upgrade kit - worthwhile?

I'm looking for a little feedback on the upgrade kit offered by Zu for their Essence speakers. Has anyone performed the $750 upgrade?
What differences did you notice in the sound? At the end of the day was it worth doing?

I'm trying to get an idea whether the upgrade is worth the money.

I speculate it is worth it for someone who is already invested in the Zu Essences, especially guys with custom finishes, that enjoy the ribbon tweeter and don't prefer the Soul form factor.

I upgraded the drivers in my Definition 2s to the nanotechs (be prepared for a long burn in!) as well as the high pass network to Clarity CapMRs and both upgrades were substantial.

I've never heard the Essence, but apart from people not enjoying the ribbon tweeters performance as much as other Zu speakers, my understanding is the biggest qualm was comparatively less dynamics.

The nanotechs should address that and the full griewe implementation should lead to some great low end performance.

I bet it sounds like a lot more then a $750 upgrade
Gopher, I'm thinking about the upgrade for my Omens. Care to share more detail about your experience? I would love to know about the differences you heard.
Yes.... It's worth it. I had mine installed by Sean when he was in town about a year ago. We are very satisfied with the results, as the Zu sound that so many said was lost, is now back, and very enjoyable.

I really liked the Essence as they were, they were missing some of what my previous Druids had in the upper registers, but the bass was better. They were very enjoyable, but now I feel that they are a great speaker. I believe that if they would have launched them like this, instead of the "dialed back" drivers (to mate up to the ribbons), they would have been a bigger hit.

The nano-tech drivers are something....
Gopher thanks for passing along your thoughts.

The website indicates the upgrade drivers have gone through 600 hrs of burn in, so that should help.
Ton thanks for sharing. I'm currently using a Triode Labs 2A3 Signature with them. I've had results similar to what has been reported on other threads. Though I have been happier with the 2A3 pairing, then the 300b, and EL84 I've rotated through.

Nice that you live close enough to have had Sean deal with the upgrade.
Not that close.... I'm in PA. He was on an east coast delivery/house party and was able to swing by. The upgrade is very easy to do, and if you know how to use a screwdriver, and possibly a pair of pliers, you are in good shape......

I'm currently running a Cayin A50T with Genelex KT-77, and couldn't be happier.....well maybe I could, but would have to spend quite a bit more $$$
I upgraded my Soul Superfly's to the nano driver. Defiantly worth doing and remember you get 200 dollars back when you send back the old driver's.

Also agree that the upgrade is easy to do. They even have a video demonstration available on the Zu website now. If you can handle a screwdriver and follow simple instructions there shouldn't be any issues.
I got my upgraded drivers two weeks ago. Yes, the upgrade is well worth it. The difference between the old drivers and the new ones, including the clarity caps, is not subtle. The speaker is more dynamic, the soundstage is more precise and profound, there is greater clarity and separation between discrete sounds. The Essence is a much better speaker with the new drivers. I had always been slightly dissatisfied with the Essence's performance, and slightly frustrated by them because I thought their faults were characteristic of all single driver speakers, but now I realize that their weaknesses had to do with the implementation of the old caps and drivers. The new ones are an unquestionable value. Do not hesitate to buy the upgrade if you intend to keep your Essence speakers, it turned out to be the single most significant improvement I've made to my system in the last three years.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I've gotten myself added to the waiting list with availability in December.

I'm interested to see the difference it makes in my system.
I have EL 34s in my amp and see that Tone1313 is happy with a Cayin A50T with Genelex KT-77 tubes. That interests me. I have been wondering if my Sonic Frontier SFC-1 integrated will be better with KT-77s.

I think am going to go for a 2a3/6b4g or a 300b and I am tending to the 6b4g....tubes are more affordable than either of the other two. A DIY Project later next year? Maybe. I upgraded my curent amp with Alexander caps and it sounds like a different animal. Nearly as good as a SET amp but SETs have a transparence end catch a load of lovely details. Do you favor SETs or PP with the Zu Audio Speakers?

I am a Little worried that a 2ae will be too limiting in terms of the type and volume of Music once can choose. What do you think?