zu essence?

Any experience with these? How do they compare to the Druids?
They look really nice and the reviews on both 6moons and ToneAudio sound good, but they are considerably more expensive than the Druids...definitely puts them out of my league, unfortunately. In this economy I wonder how they are selling compared to sales on the Druid speakers when they were available. Would love to hear opinions on these from people who've spent some time with them. Maybe I can afford a used pair a few years down the line...
I traded in a pair of Druids for the Essence. What you get for the additional $ is a better bottom end and the ribbon tweeter enhances the cohesiveness on the top end. The midrange is essentially the same. The efficiency also drops down a bit from 101 to 97. My 2 watt tube Amp (45) still can drive the Essence but it's not quite as dynamic as the Druid. Is it worth it? I think it depends on your musical taste. I listen to a lot of Classical music and appreciate the extended frequency response. If I listened mostly to rock music I think I'd stick to the Druid because the added efficiency of the Druid gives it a little bit more life. Let's face it, at $5K, there is a lot of good competition out there. At $2500 (what I bought my Druid at) I thought it was a steal.
Any compare the Essence to the Presence? I have read great things about the Presence.
How would the Essence compare to Klipsch? I currently have the RF-7 but am looking at the P-37F (Palladium) as well.
Anyone? I want to try the Essence but want to make sure that they are an upgrade from my current Klipsch RF-7
There's a Zu add in this month's Stereophile , they are going back to selling direct and the price is like $3500 vs $5000 via retail - they note doing this because of the economy
Although a bit late in the day from the original thread.

Using solid state amplification I find the Zu Essence much better overall than the Zu Druid. The Zu Druid to me was a bit too dark sounding in comparison (using my then Naim amplification).
Getting my Zu Essence was a nothing more than outstanding for my music listening experience. The Essence are not as inconsistant as the Druid, in that temperature changes do not affect the sound as much on the Essence as it did on the Druid's.
I have found the Zu Essence to be more of a plonk and play speaker, get it in a reasonable position and it sounds great, a bit more fine tuning and they sound exceptional.

Anyone else have their own experiences with the Zu Essences?
I've owned both the Essence and the Druid MkIV/08. From a certain point of view, the Essence is a better all around speaker. Less finicky placement, better low end grunt and better high frequency extension. My expectation was that it would be a Druid Plus, but the dynamic quality, aliveness and coherence of the Druid does not quite carry over unencumbered to the Essence.

Maybe that has something to do with the Atma-Sphere S30 I was using. You would think 30 stereo watts into 97db sensitivity at 12 ohms would be enough, but then again, some people do say that even the Druid doesn't truly come alive until you get to 40 wpc territory.

The Essence is a very good speaker to be sure, but I missed a certain kind of magic that I heard in the Druid, and so the Essence is now sold and I'm on the waiting list for the Soul Superfly. I'm sure the new owner will be very happy with his Essence, as it is a very good speaker with no obvious deficiencies to these ears. The Essence is also very pretty; the jet black gloss finish is beautiful.

One of the things that I didn't understand well before was the concept of audio priorities. I'm now able to answer the priorities question, which is to say, my priorities lean toward the aliveness and dynamic quality of the Druid, and now also hopefully the Soul.
Hi Wilsynet,

Many thanks for your feedback. It is quite interesting the different experiences we all have.
Using Solid State Rega Osiris I found the Essence to be much better than the Druid all round to my ears.
A friend who ran Definitions with Atmasphere valves has gone to the Essence and says he is really enjoying his music.
On the same note another friend has ordered a pair of Zu Soul Superfly based on the opinions and experiences here, who initally heard the Druids and then the Essence, which I am really looking forward to hearing when they arrive with him.

I understand completely what you are saying about the Zu Druids, when they are good they are out of this world, but slight changes in mains quality/atmospheric conditions and they can sound extremely dark and unforgiving in my experience. The Zu Essence to my ears, although missing that particular magic of the Druids do have their own particular magic coupled with being more consistent regardless of external influences.

Every Zu speaker (Druid, Definition, Presence, Essence) I have heard to date has been an experience, and has definately not disappointed.

For me it would have to be something spectacular to change from the Zu Essence that I currently have, and if the Soul Superfly is that speaker.

Would love to hear your experiences once your Soul Superfly's arrive.

All the best

Alas, another 2-3 weeks before the Soul Superfly ships.
I have heard through the grapevine in the UK that the Zu Essence has been discontinued.

Which is a shame as I think they are great speakers that work with SS and Atmasphere Valve amps brilliantly.

Never came across a company that chops and changes it's speakers so much in such a short period of time.

Here's hoping that the new Soul Superfly lives up to the reports heard so far on the other thread here.
"I have heard through the grapevine in the UK that the Zu Essence has been discontinued."

Dear All,

Looks like the above is a load of BS, which is a relief as the Essence are cracking speakers.

Apologies to all who might have been concerned about such a fate for these great speakers.