Zu Druids - Two years after

Well 2-3 years after all the hype about these speakers have you kept them in your system or have you moved on. In hindsight were they speakers to keep for the long term or just another audio flash in the pan? What has been your experience with them over the long term and other speakers you have had or heard?
I have been enjoying a Druid 5.1 system (Druid Center, Druid EFX and Mini Method) for 18 months and am very happy.
>>03-31-09: Rocket323
Does anyone have experience with the Essence and a 250 watt class D amp?<<

Certainly it will work but unquestionably there are better and more appropriate amplifiers.

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I was running the Druid MKIVs with a pair of Gilmore Raptor monoblocks (class D, 250WPC into 8 ohms) and they sounded excellent, but I was using a tube preamp as well.

One thing's for sure, they will get LOUD with that kind of a setup, but the Druids stayed remarkably clean and coherent on the occasions when I did crank it up. I would assume the Essence would be similar in that regard.