Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help

I am going to buy new speakers.  I have only heard Zu speakers very briefly at RMA fest 2yrs ago.
I spent 2-3 hours at a dealers listening to Tannoy Turnberry's and enjoyed them.  Thought they sounded
like music and NOT HIFI !   Any help would be appreciated.
I haven’t heard Tannoy but have a Zu Omen Def MK I.  Before having it, I have a pair or B&W cdm7nt.  When I first get the Zu, I don’t like it.  At that time, I have a McCormack 200W SS amp.  Obviously it is not a good match.  Then I gradually move to low power tube amps and when I get the 18W Almarro 318B, I really like it.  One thing you need to realize is that the Zu’s is efficient and design for low power amps.  When considering the speakers, you also need to consider the synergy of the amp.  The Zu sound very lively, provide much better realism than the B&W.  You also need to consider the type of music and room size.  The Zu with lower power amp will not boomy bass.  So, if you like bass heavy music, better to get a subwoofer.
Unless you can get your ears on the Zu's again in short order, I'd stick with the Tannoys, which you know you like with far greater certainty at this point. Tannoys have controlled dispersion and so work pretty well in most rooms. And the 101 dB rating on the Zu seems...suspect (they've measured much lower than spec'd in the past). The Tannoys will be an honest 93 dB / Watt, which is extremely useful.
Well GUYS,  I bought a pair of Tannoy DC-10A.  So I got the modern look and HOPEFULLY the Tannoy Kennsington sound !!!!
Huge Congrats Mike - looking at the specs you gotta be in for the treat of a lifetime w/those ie last speaker.  What amp are you driving them with?  Have you received them yet?