Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help

I am going to buy new speakers.  I have only heard Zu speakers very briefly at RMA fest 2yrs ago.
I spent 2-3 hours at a dealers listening to Tannoy Turnberry's and enjoyed them.  Thought they sounded
like music and NOT HIFI !   Any help would be appreciated.

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Unless you can get your ears on the Zu's again in short order, I'd stick with the Tannoys, which you know you like with far greater certainty at this point. Tannoys have controlled dispersion and so work pretty well in most rooms. And the 101 dB rating on the Zu seems...suspect (they've measured much lower than spec'd in the past). The Tannoys will be an honest 93 dB / Watt, which is extremely useful.
My dealer had DC10A on the floor for a while. They never jived with me. Way too much energy up top in treble, not enough energy down low, even with some 20 lbs of lead shot loaded into each cabinet. I’m not sure if there was just something peculiar about that particular unit.

I expected MUCH better bass performance with the modern cabinet and reflex port. The Yorkminster SE was reflex ported and had easily the BEST bass of its Prestige series (save maybe the Westminster, which I haven’t heard).

The Kensington definitely sounds different than the 10A despite the common driver; I like it WAY better.

Funny my dealer also had a Definition DC10T and that had the opposite problems of the 10A - way too warm / wooly, almost muddy sound. With Tannoy it’s probably wise to either stick with the classic models or get your ears on a model before buying. The Kensington and Canterbury models are stellar. I haven't heard the Turnberrys but they seem to be very well liked.