Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help

I am going to buy new speakers.  I have only heard Zu speakers very briefly at RMA fest 2yrs ago.
I spent 2-3 hours at a dealers listening to Tannoy Turnberry's and enjoyed them.  Thought they sounded
like music and NOT HIFI !   Any help would be appreciated.

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My bad for not forming a proper question!  I am considering these 2 speaker brands.  Zu seems to get excellent reviews, but I have never listened to them.  I have however heard the Turnberrys and like them.
I was hoping some of you had personal experience with both speaker
brands and could share your thoughts.  Both are a departure from the standard thin tower multi driver/ need an amp the size of a buick to run them and then it still sounds like hifi. MHO
I was already leaning heavily towards the Tannoy, just wonder if the Zu would a good option Or If they deserved a listen.
Well GUYS,  I bought a pair of Tannoy DC-10A.  So I got the modern look and HOPEFULLY the Tannoy Kennsington sound !!!!
Well guys, it taken me awhile to resond to this as I needed to collect my thoughts.  Here's what happened, the Tannoy DC-10's showed up and althought beautiful where WAY too big for my room.  The specs on the website were listed incorrectly and they were much bigger than I expected.  The biggest problem was they were too tall and when I was in the listening position they were shooting over my head!
Now they are nice speakers, well made, beautifully finished, easy to drive, and they sounded very nice.  The main things I was looking for was to get rid of the discontiousness of multi driver speaker, CHECK!  The big sound of a larger mid range driver, more natural sound than I was getting from my multi driver smaller mid range driver speaker, CHECK!
I was a little disappointed by the lack of bass, but I did not fill the compartments with any ballist, cuz its too much work and I knew, because of the size they were being returned. I'm sure filling them would have helped the bass. There are a beautiful sounding speaker, I should have stayed with my first choice of the Turnberry, as the size issue would not have been a non-issue.  
Now how things ended up, I returned the Tannoy Dc-10 and decided before I would buy the Turnberry, that I would take Zu up on their 60 day return policy and try the Zu Soul Supreme (or as they refer to them the Druid V)
  Now I need to give credit where credit is due 213Cobra was a huge help in navigating this speaker journey. I truly appeciated his help, he is very knowledgable!
I had been discussing with 213 Cobra my discuss of multi driver, 4ohm 87db speakers that need an amp the size of a Buick to drive them, and the discontinousness of Multi driver speakers.  We discuss the Tannoys and he suggested the the ZU's.  Single driver, NO crossover, easy to drive speaker, yes they have a tweeter, but no crossover.
So I got the the new ZU Soul Supreme's with the upgraded oil caps and I have not looked back!!  They are even easier to drive than the Tannoys, the bass in the Zu's is tremendous, and I get the big midrange I wanted, no squawking from a small driver. The highs are sweet (oil caps) and no discontinousness from the mulit driver.
I have read where someone on Agon felt that Zu played music in Techno color, I never totally understood that analogy, but the music is very lively, direct and sounds like music.  I know what real instruments sound like and thats what I hear.  I have no need for a sub, I'm very happy with the Zu's.
Now if I could to compare the Tannoy Turnberrys to the Zu, it would be fun, but the Zu's are way less expensive and American made, so I feel really good about owning the Zu's!!
Hope that helps!