Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help

I am going to buy new speakers.  I have only heard Zu speakers very briefly at RMA fest 2yrs ago.
I spent 2-3 hours at a dealers listening to Tannoy Turnberry's and enjoyed them.  Thought they sounded
like music and NOT HIFI !   Any help would be appreciated.
With a quick look, I found Zu's rated 101 DB vs Tannoy's rated 93 DB (if correct model.
I am a fan of Zu speakers. While I own Def 4s, I have heard Druid 6s at several shows and liked them a lot. Zu has a 60 day return policy. The advantage of an extended in-home audition is not to be underestimated. I would be reluctant to spend 10k on speakers without it.
Not sure if this is a serious question.  

Every time I have heard Zu audio I was wildly unimpressed.    Turnberry is a lifelong speaker that you would be proud to own...

Not sure how this is even a question.
My bad for not forming a proper question!  I am considering these 2 speaker brands.  Zu seems to get excellent reviews, but I have never listened to them.  I have however heard the Turnberrys and like them.
I was hoping some of you had personal experience with both speaker
brands and could share your thoughts.  Both are a departure from the standard thin tower multi driver/ need an amp the size of a buick to run them and then it still sounds like hifi. MHO
wow, those are two entirely different presentations by those loudspeakers. let us know what you choose and why.

I agree with your assessment, Tannoy’s are all about music and conveying ‘emotions’ like no other speaker, IME. If you don’t mind the old fashioned look, Turnberry’s can easily be your speakers for life unless you decide to step up in Prestige Series.

You may have noticed, the sound is effortless, precise and lucid. And they don’t need whole lot of power which gives you wide range of tube and solid state amps or integrated options. 
I would classify the Turnberrys as a speaker that conveys the heart and soul of the music in a very pleasant and engaging way.  The ZU Druids would be music presented in Technicolor.   My taste would lean towards the Turnberrys. 
Regardless of your preference, auditioning speakers in your home in your listening environment is important if you are going to spend significant money. . . . whether you deal directly with the manufacturer or with a local dealer. Unless you can create a dedicated and optimized listening environment, each "real life" room is different physically and acoustically and aesthetically. My speakers sit on the short wall of an open volume that measures 25' x 45' x 16'H and that includes the 16'H living room, 8'H kitchen (with a study above it), and 16'H dining room. I have auditioned speakers that sounded great in a shop or at a show, but that died at home. And vice versa.
I was already leaning heavily towards the Tannoy, just wonder if the Zu would a good option Or If they deserved a listen.
I have not heard Tannoys but I do own Druid V's as well as a pair of Coherent Audio floorstanders which like Tannoy use a coaxial driver.  Love 'em both but they do have slightly different presentations.

What I think doesn't matter.  What does matter is Zu gives you 60 days in your home and they are very cool about returns.  You're just out one-way shipping which for Druid 6 is $199.  If you don't dig them, send em back and get the Tannoys.  Easy peasy.
I haven’t heard Tannoy but have a Zu Omen Def MK I.  Before having it, I have a pair or B&W cdm7nt.  When I first get the Zu, I don’t like it.  At that time, I have a McCormack 200W SS amp.  Obviously it is not a good match.  Then I gradually move to low power tube amps and when I get the 18W Almarro 318B, I really like it.  One thing you need to realize is that the Zu’s is efficient and design for low power amps.  When considering the speakers, you also need to consider the synergy of the amp.  The Zu sound very lively, provide much better realism than the B&W.  You also need to consider the type of music and room size.  The Zu with lower power amp will not boomy bass.  So, if you like bass heavy music, better to get a subwoofer.
Unless you can get your ears on the Zu's again in short order, I'd stick with the Tannoys, which you know you like with far greater certainty at this point. Tannoys have controlled dispersion and so work pretty well in most rooms. And the 101 dB rating on the Zu seems...suspect (they've measured much lower than spec'd in the past). The Tannoys will be an honest 93 dB / Watt, which is extremely useful.
Well GUYS,  I bought a pair of Tannoy DC-10A.  So I got the modern look and HOPEFULLY the Tannoy Kennsington sound !!!!
Huge Congrats Mike - looking at the specs you gotta be in for the treat of a lifetime w/those ie last speaker.  What amp are you driving them with?  Have you received them yet?

Do you have updates to share since you have lived with the Tannoys for a while?

I have been considering Tannoys but haven’t had the pleasure of hearing them.  
I would live to hear if you have enjoyed them or if you have moved on.  

Well guys, it taken me awhile to resond to this as I needed to collect my thoughts.  Here's what happened, the Tannoy DC-10's showed up and althought beautiful where WAY too big for my room.  The specs on the website were listed incorrectly and they were much bigger than I expected.  The biggest problem was they were too tall and when I was in the listening position they were shooting over my head!
Now they are nice speakers, well made, beautifully finished, easy to drive, and they sounded very nice.  The main things I was looking for was to get rid of the discontiousness of multi driver speaker, CHECK!  The big sound of a larger mid range driver, more natural sound than I was getting from my multi driver smaller mid range driver speaker, CHECK!
I was a little disappointed by the lack of bass, but I did not fill the compartments with any ballist, cuz its too much work and I knew, because of the size they were being returned. I'm sure filling them would have helped the bass. There are a beautiful sounding speaker, I should have stayed with my first choice of the Turnberry, as the size issue would not have been a non-issue.  
Now how things ended up, I returned the Tannoy Dc-10 and decided before I would buy the Turnberry, that I would take Zu up on their 60 day return policy and try the Zu Soul Supreme (or as they refer to them the Druid V)
  Now I need to give credit where credit is due 213Cobra was a huge help in navigating this speaker journey. I truly appeciated his help, he is very knowledgable!
I had been discussing with 213 Cobra my discuss of multi driver, 4ohm 87db speakers that need an amp the size of a Buick to drive them, and the discontinousness of Multi driver speakers.  We discuss the Tannoys and he suggested the the ZU's.  Single driver, NO crossover, easy to drive speaker, yes they have a tweeter, but no crossover.
So I got the the new ZU Soul Supreme's with the upgraded oil caps and I have not looked back!!  They are even easier to drive than the Tannoys, the bass in the Zu's is tremendous, and I get the big midrange I wanted, no squawking from a small driver. The highs are sweet (oil caps) and no discontinousness from the mulit driver.
I have read where someone on Agon felt that Zu played music in Techno color, I never totally understood that analogy, but the music is very lively, direct and sounds like music.  I know what real instruments sound like and thats what I hear.  I have no need for a sub, I'm very happy with the Zu's.
Now if I could to compare the Tannoy Turnberrys to the Zu, it would be fun, but the Zu's are way less expensive and American made, so I feel really good about owning the Zu's!!
Hope that helps!

My dealer had DC10A on the floor for a while. They never jived with me. Way too much energy up top in treble, not enough energy down low, even with some 20 lbs of lead shot loaded into each cabinet. I’m not sure if there was just something peculiar about that particular unit.

I expected MUCH better bass performance with the modern cabinet and reflex port. The Yorkminster SE was reflex ported and had easily the BEST bass of its Prestige series (save maybe the Westminster, which I haven’t heard).

The Kensington definitely sounds different than the 10A despite the common driver; I like it WAY better.

Funny my dealer also had a Definition DC10T and that had the opposite problems of the 10A - way too warm / wooly, almost muddy sound. With Tannoy it’s probably wise to either stick with the classic models or get your ears on a model before buying. The Kensington and Canterbury models are stellar. I haven't heard the Turnberrys but they seem to be very well liked. 
Good on you, Mike. I've run Zus since 2008, first Defs 2, and then Defs 4 from 2013, upgrading Duelunds in high- and low-pass filters, and Lundahls to sub bass amps, in 2015, and most recently adding Arya Audio Revopods to replace stock spikes, and Townshend supertweeters.
I've really got to know the Zu sound for over a decade, have nailed down room acoustics, system gear and optimising, which has paid off in spades as my Zus keep revealing more and more.
What's fascinating about them is that they absolutely impress on tone density (esp lower mids), dynamic pop and shove, meaning they're so compelling across genres, but reveal their more delicate side, tonal shading, timbral accuracy, microdynamics, tonal differentiation from album to album, by careful attention to system, room, positioning etc, that they impress on the most demanding of music, classical and jazz, genres traditionally not associated w Zu.
For me, the journey getting them to be as impressive on the delicacy of music has been as much fun, and as rewarding, as the reason they're so compelling to make you buy them on day one.
I've heard some amazing ribbons and horns in the last 7 years. None of them are as fully compelling across the broadest range of music as the Zus are.

Thanks for the update.  I've yet to her Soul Supreme's but I after hearing other Zu offerings the Soul Supreme seem like the sweet spot in their lineup for me.

I'm glad you are enjoying them!