Zu Druid speakers...

Hi All.

I have just purchased a pair of Zu Druid speakers to do an in-home demo. For those of you who don't know who Zu is, check out www.zucable.com . They were shipped out yesterday, and I am expecting them by next Wednesday or Thursday. I will be taking them to two local shops to directly compair them to Revel F30's and B&W Nautilus 804's (Since they are in the same price bracket). We will demo with a few more expensive speakers, but the above listed are at my spending limit. For more on my test results, visis the Zu forum at www.harmonicdiscord.com .

FYI in the forum there are my impressions of the Zu speaker cables.

Looking forward to your update, Ton1313. I am also interested in Zu Speakers. I've used many Zu Cable products and am favorably impressed. Thanks in advance.
They showed up today!!

First impressions are very good!

Detailed, extremely detailed, I can't wait till they break in.
Please visit


for my initial impressions of the Druids!
Please see this link on my full review of the Druid.


You won't be sorry