Zu Druid and Shindo?

Is there anything wrong with matching Zu Druid loudspeakers and Shindo gear? I have exactly Aurieges/MOntille combo like it was described in the discussion here http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl_u?aamps&1322486604&&&&&/SHINDO-AMP-ZU-DRUID-NO-WAY- . No idea why this thread is not existing?

I would appreciate any feedback!
Of the single-FRD Zu speakers, the romantic voicing of Shindo pre & amp-lification is better suited to the compensating sonics of Zu Superfly than the older Druid, if you seek greater aural objectivity. But Druid can do nicely with Shindo if you make sure you have the final update, v4-08. The upcoming Druid V should do an even better job of resolving the tension between truth and beauty, than Superfly or any prior Druid.

If however you like the tonal color of Shindo electronics and think more of same is desirable, then Druid v3 or v4 is just fine and you may prefer it over the somewhat livelier Superfly.

That will be a fine pairing. I used a Shindo preamp in a rig with soul superbly speakers and 845 set amplification and it was really beautiful.
It will work but I think you can do better on the speakers. This is from someone who owned a Zu Druid and Essence in the past.
Should be a great pairing. Though I'd agree with Sibelius that it might not be the speaker to amp budgetary balance that I'd necessarily choose.
Thanks for all feedback! ;)