Zu DL-103R

If anyone has received their new Zu DL-103R from the Zu auction I would be interested in your initial impressions of the cartridge.
I tried one, I ended up sending it back. I prefer a wood body over the aluminum, the aluminum did not open up the sound like a wood body will. The wood gives the sound a more relaxed and ease to the presentation.
Personally, I didn't care for it - while it fulfilled its hi-fi promises, I felt it compromised the soul of the original 103, creating something entirely different which was not to my liking. Also, the resonance match was not the best on my Triplanar - despite my best efforts, I couldn't get rid of the shimmy (especially at the beginning of the side where warps accentuate the issue). The usual disclaimers apply.

I finally got mine set up just last night and had problems with it. Details can be found in the analog forum thread I posted earlier. Any advice is keenly sought.

Thank you, Andrew