Zu Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale today

The good folks at Zu certainly know a thing or two about creating hype around new products. The Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale this morning. It was positioned as a first come first served release with a November delivery. I bought a pair with the "supreme" upgrade. A little risky buying without hearing them first, but I figure I can probably unload them if they're not to my liking, since they'll probably sell out. Any thoughts on these or Zu in general for that matter ..


Sorry I was not clear in my comment. My “posted here” meant posted on Agon, not embedded within the comment. If purchased, the Unions would be used with with the Audio Mirror mono blocks. My cartridge is now the SS Paua. Look forward to your Union comments! Thx!

Keep in mind that Zu’s break in times are of the drivers only. They don’t break in the speaker as a whole. Zu posted a blog post awhile ago basically stating that 1-4 weeks of additional break-in time are necessary for pretty much all speakers.


What’s good @davidrolon ?  How you liking your speakers/amp pairing?


Im digging the Cambridge CXA61 combo more and more. Their slightly more relaxed but detailed and accurate British sound pairs well with these speakers.  The Arcam SA20 was somewhat fatiguing for me but not at all the case with this Integrated.  Mad good deals on their eBay refurb shop too.