Zu Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale today

The good folks at Zu certainly know a thing or two about creating hype around new products. The Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale this morning. It was positioned as a first come first served release with a November delivery. I bought a pair with the "supreme" upgrade. A little risky buying without hearing them first, but I figure I can probably unload them if they're not to my liking, since they'll probably sell out. Any thoughts on these or Zu in general for that matter ..



It's the famous flat speaker (think of most modern speakers) vs a "live" speaker (klipsch, zu, etc).

To me, a flat speaker blends everything together, as if it's all on the same playing field. Level. Flat. And many think, boring. I would agree.

A "live" speaker sounds more layered. A drum cymbal leaves that "flat" space and sounds dynamic. Anything that deserves an "attack" gets an attack.

That's what they mean by "live". Live isn't perfect or accurate. Just like every single live show I've been too...nothing is perfect as it's not intending to replicate the studio.

Instruments are more spatial in nature and are very forward facing. It's a more aggressive speaker type.

That's my non-audiophile explanation. 

I'm a bit late to the bass discussion however I know that with more hours of break-in, the bass response will improve. I purchased my upgraded Omen Dirty Weekend Mk II several years ago and still use them.

Thanks @lak for the info regarding bass response improving.

For now I just EQ'd it a slight bit and am listening very happily. I'll check the EQ setting again (will neutral it) in a month or two.


Free upgrade for you. Tilt your speakers a little bit...I set 3/8" coasters under the front of mine. You want to focus more on the 10" driver (ignore the tweeter). I sit back about 12-15’, and with that 3/8" lift the driver now hits my neck. I could go further, but even that little bit produced a sizable difference! If you sit closer, you may consider going more. I used a laser pointer to verify.

The Zus seem to love that. No impact to anything else. Give it a shot! Doing this also gets the tweeter firing where you can actually hear it better. As I suspected, I believe the tweeter has a pretty narrow cone. If you can get the 10" driver pointed at least to neck level, it puts that tweeter more in line to where you can really hear that sparkle better. It also makes it sound even better standing up.


Day 3 and I’m loving them. Just that little touch of bass EQ really made them CONNECTED to my space! Still waiting on more furniture to arrive, so I’ll be tinkering with them for awhile. Thankfully, I verified that no perceptual color is being added to the mid range or anything--I checked with 15 test records.

Usually EQ colors stuff and I hate it, but these all it did was connect the speakers to the floor and didn’t change anything else. Whew! That usually doesn’t happen in my experience...


I’m glad you’re enjoying you DW6 Superfly as much as I am!  

I was actually already considering doing something similar using a thin piece of board instead of coasters. I bought the rubber isolation feet and there’s not a way to take with those with stock hardware. Coasters were a good idea. I think I’m gonna cut myself a few circles of hardwood plywood I already have on hand and try that. 

I’m glad the eq made the music connect better. I used to turn my nose up at anything but direct but I’m coming full circle on that.  Seems like there is obviously some gear out there with decent eq tech that doesn’t alter music in any ways you don’t want it to. I’m also interested how room correction tech would sound with these Zus. 

Anyway thanks for the tip. I’m sure I’ll do it eventually in some form.