Zu Definition cable recommendation

what's a matching cable to go with the Defs?????
Ummm...how about Zu Audio cable.

Seems natural.
I found the LIBTEC from Zu the most natural match... did not like the Ibis as much, its a bit harder sounding, libtec seems a little more organic feeling. basically I think internally they use the same cable, so trying other manufactures could be fun but you will still be feeding Zu cables internally in the end anyway.
that's what i was thinkin'.i was going to try Wax 1st and then the libtec.thks
NO WAX!!! It was like a basic sounding Monster cable to me.. No offense, but it is not in the same league as the libtec up in my opinion,I bought the WAX first too, and totally was like a very basic sound that I could get out of most wire laying around the house.. Maybe for other speakers it would be good but the Libtech is far better synergy with the definitions. I understand the price difference is an issue but Get a good 10 gauge copper stranded roll from Home depot and you will be fine or go all the way to the Libtec's honestly...
By the Way just to qualify my statement, I have owned Kimber, Audioquest, XLO stuff all in the 500-1000.00 range, however not on the definitions, and I would say my results with the libtec's are at least what I would get with any of those on my previous speakers and possibly beyond.. For the record I think the main thing that bugs me about the WAX and IBIS is the Supertweeter sounds a little more like a Supertweeter where the Libtec just seems to never let it get out of control, totally smooth at very high volumes, just more natural to the speakers voicing, of course in my opinion and my short but rather decent auditioning.
ya,i was just being cheap,trying to recover from the main purchase.i will ask for the libtec and see if they will use that[my] cable to burn in my set of speakers.thks for the help.
I agree with Undertow. WAX was a throwback in our system, veiled highs, made the music sound lifeless. We tried both single & bi-wire. Go for the good stuff.
I have had both the Ibis & Libtec in my system. Both are great, but I do prefer the low level detail presentation of the Ibis.
well i have made a move on the libtec.it's 1/2 price to the big ibis.i will try that as my first cable,see how she sounds.thks
You have seen the 8 foot Ibis speaker cable presently listed for sale, yes?
yes,i don't know if i can get out of my order from Zu as i placed it yesterday???? that's a good deal on those cables.