Zu Definition 4 height?

I recently got a pair of Zu Definition 4 speakers,previously owned the Definition 3.

I was getting quite a bit flutter on my turntable and even though its mounted on my wall on a shelf, I didn't have the problem with the Lasmpizator dac just my phono.

Anyways I was running out of options and really wasnt sure if the Def 4 was better than the def3. I was just trying different speaker positions and thought maybe I should try the spikes. putting the spikes in raised the speakers off the floor about 2 in more than the studs but what happened was simply amazing!! the treble cleared up and the bass got tighter. I could finally tell this speaker really isnt anything like the previous Definitons.

In fact it could have been called something else all together like Clarity 1.

The treble of this speaker is simply the best I have heard. For example on most Pink Floyd tracks there is muffled talking in the background with these speakers,you can understand 90% of it!!

The background is blacker and the bass is tight and amazing, the downfiring design is so much better than the rear firing its no comparison.

I thought it was really odd that raising the speaker off the floor would do as much as it did, but man am I glad I did!!!

Don't hesitate to buy these speakers
You must be hearing things, or you are just delusional...just ask Wolf Garcia.
Seriously, welcome to the group of listeners who have discovered what some spikes and platforms can do to allow your speakers to perform as they were designed to do.
With the powered subs they should be at least 1.5 in. off the floor.
Glad it worked out for you.

It's not really the height of the speaker, but the amount of gap between the speaker and the floor that causes the difference. Too close to the floor reinforces the bass to the point of becoming muddy which then affects treble clarity.
My experience parallels yours. Both the transition from Def3s to Def4s and the proper gap.
My gap is 1.25". I use a combination of the rounded spikes provided by Zu and Yamamoto wood bases/footers that have inset ceramic disks to protect my wood floors.
Here is the link to the Yamamoto bases:

I'm gonna need more room than that, currently have about 3 in and I think i need a little more. thanks, Scott
With my Def 4s I worked them around quite a bit to optimize . Ended up on Sistrum Apprentice Stands and it took a few weeks, but dialed in they just really satisfy me. I think the gap ends up at about 3".
Every room is different but with the down firing woofer you will find them very sensitive to the back wall/side wall distance. I was able to get some one note bass removed from my room by positioning them 22" from the back wall and 43" from the side walls. These speakers will disappear if you place them correctly.
Probably moved them around every three or four days for a year, bought the Sistrums, then hit the sweet spot and haven't touched them for months.
Good luck. For me it was well worth all the effort.