Zu Cables, Z cables and Jena Labs-your thoughts

I will be upgrading my Nordost Blue Heaven Rev. 2's and, as usual, would appreciate your feedback.
Never heard the above 3 cables but they seem to have good feedback. Unfortunately for me, I need a 15ft. bi-wire speaker cable due to the wife/family room factor.
I listen to rock,electronic and jazz.
Jena Labs may be out of my price range.
Thanks for your feedback!

This is my experience with Zu cable. They have been a joy to deal with and all of their products that I have tried are just amazing!

You could get a set of WAX and have Zu make a jumper cable of the same wire to cut down on the cost of Bi-wiring.
I have a friend with Zu Wax cables and they sounded very good in his system. I have read many good things about their customer service. My friend swears by their cables and he can afford much more and has had more expensive cables in his system, but he told me he likes the Wax cables better.
I've been using the Wax Bi-wire's for a month now. They are doing everything right in my ears. They tend toward the detailed ?analytical? side but don't fatigue. Big soundstage and great image. Got them 1/2 price on a Agon auction too!

Like many cables, they are a bit inflexible. They also use "bare" copper terminations which need to be cleaned a couple times a year. Just my 2 cents, I have not heard the z cables or Jena Labs. Also I do get a bit disturbed by Zu claims of "the best speaker cable on the market". But I think that's attitude more than anything else.


First of all, thanks for your responses.
I'm having a hard time finding a web site or any info for that matter on Zu cables. Web site seems to be down.
Went to Harmonicdiscord and couln't come up with anything.
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks again!


is the official site
If you scroll down the list of forums there you will find one for Zu. http://www.harmonicdiscord.com or

I'm using a Mother cord in my hifi system for the cdp and have some of their audio and video cables in my HT system.
I use Jena cables and am no longer looking for any upgrades, the only thing I would even possibly consider would be David Elrod PC's, or Transparent Opus speaker cables. If something sounds wrong with these cables its something else in your system and not the cables, they allow the music to come through seemingly unvarnished. I do agree that for a 14ft pair they would be expensive; though possibly worth it. I am looking forward to trying her video cable, replace my monster S-video cable. ~Tim
You won't be sorry with any products from Zu, especially anything with the new B3 technology.I currently have the Wax speaker cables and the Mother power cord and they are the best I have ever had in my system. Check out the customer reviews and testimonials in the Zu website. Also, if you browse through the Zu forum in www.harmonicdiscord.com website, you'll see that Zu recently opened a distributorship in China, close to Hong Kong, and the local audiophiles are trading in mega-buck name brand products for the Zu products as they can get them. An example is Transparent Audio Opus MM speaker cables for the Wax. What does that tell you? If you do decide on any Zu cables, make sure you give them adequate break-in time( at least 2 weeks ) before you do any serious evaluations. Trust me,if the rest of your system is up to par you won't want to look anywhere else. Zu also has a component video cable called the Megular that runs circles around any Monster cable products. I'm going to order some soon.Check out the ebay and audiogon auction sites for regular weekly Zu Cable auctions. I just received the Acoustic Zen S-Video cable and what can I say. My Monster cable went straight to the trash can.Nuff said...