Zu Cable-vs-Virtual Dynamics?

Hi:i;m looking for a pair of reasonable priced used speaker cables and was wondering if anyone has had any experince with the zu cable wax or the virtual dynamics reference speaker cable and how they compared to each other,thanks so much in advance.Al
my system is
resolution audio dacs&transport
moon i-5 integrated
paradigm ref v-40II speakers
maplashade ic's.
Alfred- I just purchased a pair of WAX cables new and am in the process of burning them in. Keep in mind I only have 30 hours on them and they are suppose to get MUCH better around 200-250 hours. My first impression was that the midrange was unlistenable(ie harsh, poor imaging, very unnatural), however the bass was out of this world-I have never heard bass like I have with these cables. Then the bass faded away and is now coming back and much better, I have imaging and a more natural midrange-if it continues to become more natural I think I would really enjoy these cables(I bought them as a temporary cable until I can afford something very good, if they get a lot better I may not do this). The highs are a little shrilly right now but it is starting to settle-I am looking forward to getting some serious hours on these and hearing what they do. ~Tim
First of all, I don't know Virtual Dynamics. Second, I have about 400 hours on a pair of BiWire Wax cables that are connecting my BAT VK-500 to the external crossover of my North Creek Rhythm Signatures.

I got the Wax at the same time as the North Creeks so the changes I've noticed overtime are due to both pieces breaking in.

That being the case, I can say I am very pleased with the WAX. I first noticed a somewhat limited extension into the bass and a slightly forward high end. This came and went over time. For the last several weeks they have been rock steady. The soundstage has bloomed beyond the lateral confines of the speakers. The imaging is very 3D with a just behind the speakers focus. Top end is without grain and bass is much more focused. I can't say what specific characteristics the Wax contributes to the sound but the combonation is absolutely stellar.

I will know more when (if) I compare them to other cables but right now they sound so right I don't know why I would mess with success.

I recommend that you bid on them during one of ZuCables frequent A-gon auctions. I got my pair for around half retail price.

Hope this is helpful (I tried not to be blindly enthusiastic.)

Hi, Alfred. I know you're looking for speaker cable but I would try a virtual dynamic power cord on the moon1-5. I have the sim4070SE and Rick at VD suggested the audidtion PC and it really makes this amp boogie big time....just a thought. Good luck.
I have purchased the ZU Wax Cables and have about 60 hours on them. Your discription is exactly the same as I would describe.
I finally hooked the wax cables to my secondary system for additional burn in time. I am not sure if I will keep them.
Tireguy, I believe you were thinking of the HMS cables from previous posts. Email me , before you regret it.
Hey Alfred...How have you been? Good to see you here again. I'm using the VD pc's with good results (3 power 2's). I've been thinking about trying the VD Absolute speaker cables instead of my current AP Oval 9 biwired. Has anyone compared these two cables?
I meant to say VD audition speaker cables above.
Bradz, I replaced a set of Analysis Plus BiOval 9s with cryo'd biwired Auditions. I never had them at the same time as I was selling off cables in order to finance the change to all Virtual Dynamics. But when I did receive the Audition Package, the first thing I did was to swap in the Audition speaker cables only for an impromptu comparison from memory.

My impressions were that the Auditions were just as smooth or smoother than the AP9s while also being a bit more transparent. This is when the Auditions were stone cold new out of their pizza boxes. They were a bit icy when new, but now have become a very smooth yet revealing set of cables allowing all the virtues of my components to show through. Another improvement was soundstage width and depth. Much more layering front to back as well. Give them at least a good month or more of burn-in and you'll be rewarded.

I still think the AP9s are great cables, especially for lean solid state systems. The Auditions have worked very well with my tube DAC and preamp, and solid state amp.