Zu Cable Libtec: Opinions/Comparisons

Hi All,

Just wanted to get any opinions/experiences out there from anyone who owns or has heard Zu Cable Libtec speaker cables. There is very little info and no reviews about them. In particular I would like to know which cables they would go up against in the range of other brands such as Kimber, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Analysis Plus etc.

Thanks for any info!
I have just replaced some Kimber Hero interconnects and Cobalt speaker cable in an LP-based 2-channel system with Zu Wylde interconnect and Libtec speaker cables.

In a word, WOW! These cables do exactly what they claim--improve stereo separation and imaging, and--once broken in--help the music retain a more organic and less electronic character. You hear more of the music in a more musical way. I heard sibilants without spittiness, detail without glare or etch, the full bodied tone, and improved bass. Deeper, fuller, faster, more tuneful bass.

The other cool thing about them is their mechanical aspects--small diameter, easily managed cable with high quality, easy to use terminations. The speaker cables are 7/16" in diameter but their signal transfer is such you'd swear they were the stiff garden-hose variety.

The interconnects are noticeably quieter, cleaner, faster, more dynamic, and yet more organic sounding than my Kimber Heroes (which I think are excellent), and the speaker cables are faster, cleaner, and more organic-sounding than anything I have or have had before. I have spent hours spinning old records to hear them as I never have. They definitely convey more of the artists' and engineers' intentions. The music is more compelling; it's hard to go into another room while a record is playing because the sound quality keeps beckoning me back to the sweet spot.

I may have to go back for their BoK power cord for the integrated amp that holds down this system to get a complete single-vendor system.
I run their Varial ICs and Ibis Speaker cables and think they sound excellent. Before the Ibis I had their Julian cables - the Ibis is a huge step up from the Julian. I like the sound of silver.
I have Libtecs SC with Wylde ic's on my Maggy MMG, Belles 150a, Curcio modded PAS 3 system.
Heard many 50K plus sydtems not sound as good.