Zu audio speakers for chamber music and jazz?

I have a First Watt J2 amp running Horning Horn speakers.

I'm thinking of stepping up to Zu Audio speakers but I'm wondering if they fit my musical tastes -- chamber music, vocals and classic jazz.

I don't worry much about bass.

Most of the Zu speakers seem to be driven by 10 inch drivers so I'm not sure they are right for me.

Anyone here listening to chamber music on Zu speakers?
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Many people like Zu speakers. Why do you believe that they're necessarily represent a "step up" to your Hornings (which model)? The Horning line has received much praise themselves. I don't doubt that these two sound differently. Folks do seem very happy with the Zu Definition IV model in particular.
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I have tekton lore s speakers which i believe have a similar design philosophy. For me they are surpisingly great for jazz and chamber and choral. I heard they were great for rock but to me they are a bit forward in thier presentation for rock. I have never horns that i enjoyed so i cant help on the comparison.
I listen to lots of different types of music - chamber music included. I have the Zu Def 4s driven by a 300b SET, and they sound great on chamber music and almost anything else that I play. I do not have any experience with any of the others, however.
Well. I've noticed some have referred to Zu as a Rock speaker because of the big diameter drivers. Many of the high efficiency speakers I've seen use smaller diameter drivers
The Zus I have heard off SET amps that ZU seems to like to demo with are very good with most kinds of music except rock and larger scale classical or jazz music that requires more muscle. The right amp with a little more drive would probably remedy those cases as well.