Zu audio Soul Supreme vs Prana Fidelity Bhava

I am looking to update  a pair of Spendor SP1 speakers.  I would like to buy a US made speaker and have been reading about Zu Audio Soul Supreme and Prana Fidelity Bhava speakers.  I have not auditioned either yet but wonder if anyone out there has heard these speakers and if so could characterize their sound.  I will be using a Leben CS600 tube amplifier.
If wanting American assembled, the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL upgrade, one of the best out there <$5000, and it’s 90dB sensitive (Soul Supreme is 91.5dB, the Prana is 89.5dB), so unless you sit far, it’ll get loud enough.

I know you have tubes, but Zu’s only exist as a compromise for people with tubes, focusing on easy loads and that’s it:
Poor imaging/soundstage, poor vertical dispersion, and the treble is “loose”.

Don’t know much about the Prana, but you are bound to have midrange leakage out of that port.
Midrange leakage? Audiophiles have a lot of phobias, but I've never heard of that one.

Really? Look at most any Stereophile measurements of a ported speaker, the sound coming out of the port can sometimes be very loud, which is why most bookshelves are rear ported (mine are front-ported, but are a T-line so it’s less of an issue), and why most front ported towers have the port near the floor.

As an example, the PSB Imagine T3:

The red line is the port, you can see at ~800Hz it’s only ~10dB below the woofer. 
Unlike most audiophile “phobias” or beliefs, this one actually has merit, though it of course is whole-fully dependent on the speaker in question.
I appreciate your comments.  How do you reconcile the Herb Reichert review of the Soul Supreme and the measurements reported?  It would seem to be a bit of a disconnect.

I have heard both at RMAF. I know audio is subjective, so this is my opinion only, but the Prana speaker to my ears sounds more like music than the Zu. Zu (again subjective), to me, sounds like cardboard. But they sell a lot of speakers, so I suppose they are doing something right.
Each time I’ve been to RMAF, the Prana room was in my top 3 for sound. I can’t recall the others at this time.
Prana does something special; there’s a ‘soul’ to their sound that eludes many others.
Sounds good ( no pun intended).  Have you heard the bhava ?  If so does it have enough bass?

I am listening yo my Bhavas right now. They reach down to about 38-40hz. Although some speakers with single 6" woofers claim they can reach similarly low (like my roommate's ProAc SM100s), I feel that the two 6" woofers for each Bhava give the lower registers a bit more meat on the bones.
Zu audio speakers hurt my ears one day.
I have heard the Prana Bhava on two separate occasions and I have to say they are exceptionally musical and well balanced.  One of my favorite rooms to visit when I am at the audio shows.  The Zu speakers are efficient but just not my idea of a long term satisfying sound.  I am kicking around buying the Bhava or the Vayu F/S.  Very nice sound.
This is utter shite: 
I know you have tubes, but Zu’s only exist as a compromise for people with tubes, focusing on easy loads and that’s it.
Poor imaging/soundstage, poor vertical dispersion, and the treble is “loose”.
You know nothing of Zu. What you hear with Zu is a full range speaker, sans crossovers. Pure tone. If that kind of musical reality hurts your ears, re-examine what you're listening to every day. 

Oh and: tubes only? First, flush out your headgear. Then, go listen to them.