Zu Audio Soul Supreme Impressions?

I am about to pull the trigger on a pair of these and would like to get some user's impressions. Or impressions if you only auditioned them.


I got mine about two month ,i am using ayon spirit &oppo 105, ,still playing with the best placement,for the bass is good , they still to burn in,my music taste from blues jazz classical ,very happy with tonality ,the sound stage ,compare to b&w speaker,anyway so far i happy thanks
I went to the Zu factory once while on a business trip and these were the only speakers they could set up for me to audition. It was far from ideal: speakers on the concrete production floor, powered by a SS amp they were using to break in new speaker cones. Source was mp3 from Sean's ipod.

And... they sounded horrible, far from as good as the Omens I had at home at the time.