Zu Audio in a surround sound setup?

Has anyone experienced or currently own Zu Audio in a 5.1 surround setup?

If so, please share any thoughts you have.

Thank You
I have heard a Zu Omen surround 5.1 set up (no sub so 5.0 I guess) owned by a coworker, and it sounded awesome! We watched some of Avatar and Saving Private Ryan and it was fantastic! In fact I recently ordered a set of Zu Omen bookshelf and a custom Zu Omen center to use in conjunction with my Omen def and zu Mini method sub to create my own 5.1 all Zu set up. I have not configured/set it all up yet but will, and then will post results once it is up and running. I am currently still working out rear shelving/stands and cabling before it is up and running.