Zu Audio Druid MKIV Speaker Review

Fast yet beautifully warm, detailed, and Dynamic, the highly efficient Zu Audio Druid MK IV speakers have wonderful synergy with my Amarro 318B SET tube amp. Unlike some other highly efficient speakers, the Zu Druid provided ample strong tight balanced bass to this bass loving listener.

I purchased these on sale when the Zu Soul Superfly replaced them. I did an A-B at home and personally preferred the Druid in my system over the Soul Superfly as the Druid speakers seemed a little warmer with a little more mid-bass bloom and mid-range texture than the Superfly. In other systems, of course, the Superfly being a little more dynamic and detailed, may provide better synergy. However, my system on balance, needed a little more warmth.

I have had Dynaudio, Dali, Spendor, Acoustic Zen, and Sonus Faber full range speakers in my system, and eventually (albeit with different complementary components later) the Zu Druid bested them for the sound that I wanted.

I liked the Zu Druid speakers so much that I had an auto shop paint them piano black, and I put some granite bases on them (black might have been better), and put in some Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wire for hookup inside the speakers, as well as replaced the original tweeter crossover caps with Audiocap PPT Theta Caps for enhanced warmth and smoother detail. The Druid basically have no crossover except to the supertweeter, which is a big part of why they sound so good). I debated putting in some poly-fill to tighten and enhance the bass, but someone in the know said that it might help to reduce a midbass bloom if there is one, and since I like midbass bloom, I decided to leave the poly-fill out.

I see Zu has just come out with a new version of the Druid. An Audiogon member with a virtual system on Audiogon has some and apparently loves them.
The mk4/08 are a fantastic speaker. I changed the frd to the HO frd of the souls and the magic was lost, I now have the nano frd and its back. I'm waiting for the radian tweeter to finish the Mk5 upgrade to my Druids.....

If you do a couple cabinet mods the they will sound better again.
Mr. Naaggots, you mentioned somewhere that you thought the 12 ohm Mills resistor to be a better match for the Druid IV tweeks when caps are upgraded. Can you elaborate please?
I have the Druid V's and Undertone sub. The combination is wonderful.
The Druid V's are much more refined and detailed then the older MK.IV. The new Zu's manage to keep that beautiful tone and dynamics, which gives the speakers that lively and engaging sound.

The Radian tweeter really brings the sound to a much higher level along with the nano FRD. I run mine with Coincident Franks 300b amps using the 16 ohm taps in a fairly large room and they fill the room easily to loud levels.

I have been in this hobby for almost 40 years. I can finally listen to music without analyzing the sound. It lets me just relax and enjoy my music that's what it's all about, isn't it.

If you can upgrade the IV's with the Radian tweeter do it. It is a big upgrade. A lot of people don't like Zu speakers. I have heard them sound bad at times, but you have to pair them with the right amps and set-up to make them shine, IMHO.

People should try to hear the new Druid V's set-up correctly. I'm sure their expectations would change for the better, just my two cents.

Sean and co. customer service is one of the best in Audio!
I have Zu Druis MK4 upgraded with latest nano drivers from mk5. Zu customer service is very good in USA indeed, guys shipped my new drivers to mother Russia and since that i use them and love them in my system with Austrian WLM Minueta triod class-a (5w per channel) amp.

It's nice that i came across this thread from other users of Zu as i decided to think about tweeter upgrade later. Actually Zu guys never tried to push the sales of new tweeters to me, they told me nano drivers integrate very well with original mk4 tweeters.

I guess they still offer this upgrade for customers on their website providing internal wire, cars, tweeters and damping materian along with dvd guide how to instal it right.

I'm curious how difficult was to add new damping material inside the Zu cabinet, cut the wider hole for new tweeters etc if you're not a carpenter ?

Do you think it's really worth it if the mk5 nano driver already upgraded/installed ?

Maybe it will be my next step in upgrade in near future.
HI I realize this is an old thread, but it seems to address my current speaker search.  I am thinking of Zu Druids to replace an aging pair of Spendor SP-1.  Will be using Leben amplifier with them.  One dealer suggested that I would miss the splendid Spendor mid-range if I transitioned to the Druids.  Any thoughts?
Bump about this topic.  I've  got a chance at a set of Mk IV's, and wondering if I'd be better off with new Omen II on a dirty weekend sale?  I'll be running with McIntosh direct coupled amplifier.  They are green, have a hairline paint crack and have MkV tweeters.