Zu Audio Denon 103 2.5 gram tracking force - record wear?

Question for the long time analog experts here...

Recently got the Zu modded Denon 103 cart... according to their info it says its runs a conical stylus needing 2.5 grams of VTF.

I am used to other carts with Shibata or Microline styli that recommend 1.7-1.9 grams of VTF (AT Art 9, Koetsu Black and Zyx R100)

Questions -

1. Would long term use at the higher 2.5 grams VTF lead to faster, noticeable record wear? Seems these days good vinyl is more precious than the replaceable equipment we use to play it...ergo the question...

2. Does the conical stylus profile make the higher VTF less of an issue? I know the more advanced stylus shapes ride ’deeper’ in the record grooves...


PS - the Zu Denon sounds WONDERFUL! Will be so much fun trying to sort through my preferences between this and the ART9, the Koetsu, and the Zyx  (though at this point my bought-used Zyx R100 is not working right...:(
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Difference in wear is about 1/1000.
Nothing to worry about and yes, conicals are less fussy in setup which often makes them sound better .
I have been using a ZU/Denon dl103 cartridge for 7 years, first on my Scout and more recently on my Prime.  The tech looked at my stylus with one of those eye magnifiers when I purchased the Prime and said the stylus still looked like new.  The cartridge has been tracking at 2.5 grams for 7 years.
I also have a Zu Denon 103R, which had the conical stylus when I first got it. I sent it to England, and had ESCCO's white sapphire cantilever and Paratrace stylus modification done on it, and it's even more of a giant-killer now. ESCCO recommends tracking at 2 grams after their mod, though I use 2.25 grams, and have had no issues with increased record/stylus wear.

The procedure cost around $400 or so when I had mine done a couple of years ago. Worth every penny to get it done, IMHO.

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