Zu and totem, other speakers to consider?

I have a pair of zu druids,  prior to the 2008 update,  and have enjoyed them.  A buddy has a pair of totem forests and they're so much more detailed and coherent than these zus.  Upgradeitis has struck again and I'm looking at a new pair of speakers,  preferably under 3k. Specifically something with smoother,  more detailed highs than this pair of druids.  I have a musical fidelity a308 integrated,  wavelength brick and an rel t-7 sub, and listen to a wide range of pop,  rock, and  acoustic music.  I'm considering focal and B&W,  but are there other mainstream high end brands I should be considering? Specific models? I'd love to audition a pair of the updated druids but buying them new is out of my price range and I almost never see any come up for sale anymore. 
First, I would contact Zu to see if they can update your Druids, it may be more cost effective. I usually deal with Gerrit. He is very accessible and may have some opinions regarding the Totem's vs. the Druid with upgrades.
I own the Union's, and am very happy with them. I will be sending them in for some minor repair and small upgrades soon. The prices quoted were very reasonable.

I have no experience with the Totem Forest's, but if you think they are what you want, then go for it. But, remember, the Totem's have a lower sensitivity than the Zu's. Is your friend's system somewhat close to your's?