Zoethecus Vs Audio Point Sistrum Rack

Anybody has any input on these two rack system? I have a hard time deciding which one to choose from. Please help me out with any experiences or suggestions. Thanks.
Never had any Zoethecus racks in my home, but I do own the Sistrum rack. To my ears it is a revelation, and it is beautiful to boot. Improvements are simply dramatic, ie you dont need "golden ears" to hear any differences. Soundstage grows wider and deeper while image specificity improves. Treble extends further, and with a life-like decay, bass tightens, and vocals become unveiled. All of this while keeping the pace and timing of the music intact. Highly recommended.
Thanks Dolphin. Are you from Canada? The Sistrum is very popular there. You have a 4-shelve or 6-shelve rack? Did you fill it with anything? What about their new speaker stand? Where did you buy it from and did you get a dicount price? I am from NY. I really wish you are from local. Thanks.
Whats the URL for Audio Point Sistrum Rack? Thanks in advance
Hi Mikec. URL is www.audiopoints.com. Remember the "s", there is an unrelated site that has the same name but without the "s".
Thank You Redkiwi
Hi Redkiwi, how are you? Thanks again. Very interesting racks. Guess the reason i couldn't find the site was that i needed to add that "S". Thanks again/Mike
i've seen the sistrum racks but never used them. i do own zoethecus. the two brands of racks are so different from one another in construction and approach that i should think them virtually impossible to compare. that is, unless you do as redkiwi has, testing many combinations in your own, familiar system. i doubt you really have that in mind. i also doubt that the sistrum will provide the performance of zoethecus, tho i have no emperical evidence to support this opinion. i do, BTW, like the design of the sistrum; too bad the musical motif is covered in use.
Hi Cornfedboy,
I feel that Sistrum Rack will outperform the Zoethecus. I spoke with the CEO at Audiopoints today, according to him with Sistrum, you are listening to the technology and not the rack. There are some scientific principles behind the design of this rack. But I would still like to hear more comments from audiophiles like Dolphin who own this rack before I make a commitment.
ifatchoi: please don't take this wrongly, but would you have expected the ceo of audiopoints to have suggested his products are inferior to a competitor's? i've been to many highend audio stores throughout the us and attended >10 ces's. the racks i've see in the great majority of these settings are made by zoethecus; none was made by sistrum. i think that sez a great deal more than the words of a manufacturer.
I am in NY as well. I purchased my 6 shelf unit from Goldman Audio (www.goldmanaudio.com). Yes, I did fill the rack with their micro-bearing fill material. Never heard the speaker stands, but considering what their rack and platforms did for my system, I wouldnt hesitate to try them.
I think you can try Sistrum with money back gaurentee.You can in Canada I know.