Zoethecus Amp Stand

I am finally going to be getting a Zoethecus amp stand. I am pretty excited to see if I can hear a difference in sound vs having the amp sitting on the floor. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this amp stand. I am going to be putting an ARC amp on it. Thanks in advance.
Hello Tlg,

Congratulations on the amp stand. All I can tell you is that I was quite surprised from the improvement I got from putting Zoethecus amp stands under my BAT VK150se tube mono-block amps. The system was more articulate and dynamic from top to bottom with more realistic tonal textures. Hope you hear the same.

Hi Tlg,
Have Zoethecus stands and amp stand. Have found both to be great additions. Was talking to a salesguy in some audio shop and mentioned them. He said their amp stands were the best thing they did, not knowing I had them.
As well as saying a very well built and conceived product. Throughly enjoying mine hope the same for you.