Zodiac Gold w/Volticus vs Bel Canto w/VBS-1

I am looking for a DAC with volume control and remote to use with my new Modcode 402AU. I don't really want to go with a separate preamp and DAC because I am trying to keep things simple. I have about 4k to spend.

I have tried researching the above DAC's but have not found much pertaining to their sound signatures. I like a sound that is a bit on the warm side. It must be involving and detailed without going to the dry, clinical side of the spectrum. Speakers are Von Schweikert VR-33 which I really like. Source will be a Bolder modded Logitech Touch for now and possibly a Mac Mini or other such music server in the future.

If you have heard one or both of these DAC's or have any other suggestions, I would like to hear from you!
I am using a Zodiac+ DAC with a Bolder modified Squeezebox Touch and it is the best digital I have heard. These components work well together. i am using a Kimber D-60 digital interconnect and speakers are vandersteen 2CE Signatures. I have never heard the gold but would like to try one someday. Your Squeezebox paired with the Zodiac would be a good match.
I recently purchased a Zodiac Gold + Voltikus power supply. I have about 300 hours of break-in but right out of the box I knew it was a keeper. I have it connected to a 2011 Mac Mini via USB and I use PureMusic for playback. I don't use it as a digital pre-amp as my New Audio Frontiers 845 SE Integrated ap doesn't allow me to bypass the pre-amp. I've seen posts here and on other websites where Zodiac Gold users are delighted with the Zodiac as a pre-amp.

It's easilly the best DAC I've had in my system. You'll end up hearing nuances in songs you've listened hundreds of times. The soundstage and air around the instruments is incredible. Prior to this I had a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and althogh a good value, the W4S seemed to present the music in an artificial manner, similar to using a 'loudness' button we use to see on receivers in the 1980s. The sibilance of the W4S drove me crazy.

None of these issues with the Zodiac Gold. It just seems to present the music in a natural manner. The Zodiac has more PRAT and slam than any DAC I've heard when the recording calls for it. Mids and highs are exactly what I want. I'm a drummer and this is the first DAC I've heard that handles the sound of a drumstick striking a cymbal correctly. Likewise the decay of the cymbal is spot on.

Hope this helps.
I have the Bel Canto DAC3.5 with VBS1 powering both the DAC3.5 and the CD2.

I have heard the Voltikus in the showroom a couple of times and it is an impressive system. Very detailed but IMHO it is a fair bit drier than the Bel Canto which IMHO strikes a good balance.

I think it's best if you audition it first.

ps both sound better with good preamps vs their internal volume control. I have heard the Bel Canto paired with my ARC Reference 5 and the Voltikus with Modwright tube pres which I feel improve the soundstage depth tremendously.
I myself have the Bel Canto DAC3.5 with VBS1 paired with a Pass Labs XP-20and experiance just increadble SQ that's 2nd to none.

I have this combo connected to a music base server.
I have replaced my Audioaero Capitole with the Zodiac Gold + Voltikus combo and about 500 hours on it now. I run it off a Mach2music Mac on PureVinyl and have detail, texture, colour and soundstage ambience to die for. The USB connection is fantastic provided you use the right cable and the setup on Mac OS is really easy. I run the Zodiac direct into my Wavac EC 300b and use the analogue inputs for two vinyl connections: no hum, no noise and beautiful music. Whatever Zodiac knows about clocks and attenuator design has gone into this and the result is absolutely stunning.
I currently have a Zodiac Gold hooked up to a Moscode 402au amp. Source is a Mac Mini. It's a great combination. Prior to that I had a W4S DAC2. I found the DAC2 a bit more analytical compared to the Zodiac.
i heard the zodiac gold voltikus, and while it had great tonality and soundstaging, its surgical character made it unbelievably detailed, but destroyed the rythm and flow at the same time.
the bel canto dac 3.5 mk 2 vbs is hard to beat, very good sound.
Is it available as a dealer upgrade, the MkII?
The Mk II upgrade for the BC DAC3.5VB is available through dealers, but it is factory installed and has a retail price of $500. Quoting a description of the upgrade from the announcement at CES: "The DAC 3.5VB MK II upgrade delivers an improved analog supply that better isolates the PCM1792 DAC and a new low-phase-noise main clock oscillator. These changes reduce the already extremely low noise of the DAC3.5VB delivering a more engaging, musical and communicative sound."
The upgrade price is fair. Except my DAC3.5VB is in Singapore :(
The upgrade is worth every penny, bel canto puts another stage of regulation right at the dac ship itself, and combined with a even better clock, makes for a nice improvement.
My local distributor just confirmed the shipment is on its way. Cant wait
Just got my DAC3.5VB back and it's got a MkII sticker on the back. The improvement is very very noticeable even before it's clocked any real hours.