ZL Technologies Cables from Korea, from the lead designer of Allnic Audio Labs.




KS Park who is the lead designer and owner of Allnic Audio developed a cable company, ZL Technologies.

It makes sense to place a new thread here for introduction to N. American markets.

I personally have had a very long journey in the cable world with some good investments and some horrible ones. These cables are worth your attention. While this review stated great benefit with one cable. This becomes vastly understated when you replace all the cables in your system. The more I purchased the deeper the discount I was offered by David Beetles of Hammertone.

I thought this review was an easy read and direct. My understanding there are more to follow and I will post them here.

I have one to offer to try if interested, but Hammertone offers a no risk purchase - just return in a resealable condition.

Additional lengths are of nominal costs. 33' unbalanced cable was custom made and fortunately not sold on a per meter basis, unlike Antipodes Reference. These cables are better and selling a 5 meter cable (maximal length by Antipodes) has proved difficult.

I strongly recommend auditioning them. The power cables are fantastic. I will trial some speaker cables in the coming months.

After much dialog with David Beetles and Kang Su, my conclusion is that ZL5000 vs ZL 3000 cables are identical except for the gauge of the wire. The rule is for low current demand use the smaller gauge ZL3000. However, this rule in my estimation has been debunked. High current linear power supplies for source components is essential to reduce jitter and meet the demands for optimal signal presentation. I challenged both of them to a comparison and another person who also has replaced his cabling across all his systems with ZL. They had an eye opening moment. The consumer who I modeled my system from in 2012. Sold off all his ZL3000 for the 5000 series. The cable is much stiffer but manageable. My wife is more OCD than I am. She re-laid my cables maintaining my one rule that signal cables are above power cords. While stiff, it is doable.

Background: I have horrible electrical power in part due to the tech neighborhood I live in (Nike and Intel Exec) and the switch power supplies in my house played havoc on my system. I installed a Torus 75a isolation transformer and ran dedicated lines. Tore the darn house apart in the process. The wife was pissed. I have dedicated lines to each Amp, Pre, and source components feed off a Audience Adept Response TSSD 12. I replaced my au24sx power cable with the ZL5000 to a Neutrik adapter. The improvement was not subtle, particularly in the detail of music presentation. I had more spatial clarity and hear level of detail in my music that was not there before. ZL cables are welded. Once they can do this process to a Neutrik I will replace the cable without an adaptor.

These cables across the product line have done a tremendous job at removing RF pollution which I still struggles with despite the isolation transformer. LED lighting and Dimer switches. Between my rack and amps, in the corner is a gas stove. The fan when clicking on and off would create a pop in my speakers. More so with the 99 dB effeciency. The pop was loud. Even tried at the advice of Steve Nugent at Empirical, place a capacitor between the hot and neutral of the motor ac plug to no effect. These cables silenced this. Only if I place my ear to the speaker I can hear a faint pop. It is effectively gone a 1' from the speaker, vs being significantly annoying.

From another customer that posted on Audioshark: "Not only did the system get quieter with the power cable but the bass is more taut and textured. Sense of space is better. I'm also hearing micro details that I've never heard before on well known albums, even when previously played with higher priced components in former systems. Overall, one of the better upgrades I have done $ for $. "

For those interested contact: Albert Porter of Porterhouse Audio or David Beetles of Hammertone Audio.
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Thanks for the post, I didn't realize that KS Park was designing cables.
Yes. Kang Su Park designed and started a second company, ZL Technologies in partnership. ZL lineup is the product of cable re-design. David Beetles (Allnic and ZL world wide distributor), who I stay in touch with over the years and share new discoveries, called me up and told me about these cables. He sent me some for trial and I ended up with a loom.

Interestingly one of the more recent reviews I read also ended up replacing his Antipodes Reference cables and mirrored his findings and did the same. Antipodes command my respect.

I am encouraging Kang Su to make a BNC digital cable and Neutrik Power cable. But the molds for the terminated ends are a sizable investment. I have not heard the RCA Coax digital cable yet, but it is a strong seller for being the most modest price in the product lineup. From my experience, the source cables have the greatest impact. Interestingly ZL-5000 speaker cable sell second to the ZL-5000 power cord.

I will post more findings when appropriate.  I have some ZL-5000 Speaker cable on order.
Overpriced, I heard.
@inna most are...
Cable pricing is an entire topic for another thread and is not limited to just cables.  That said, I would say I have invested in the Ultimate Reference Loom by High Fidelity.  I was unimpressed and sold it for at or near what I invested into them, with work.  I have invested in may pure silver cables both power and signal and again was with limited benefit.  I do like the Audience series cables and they are great value for the noticeable benefit.  The ZL Technologies side by side to the AU24sx are, to borrow the phrase, 'a new octave' in benefit.  

I suspect ZL Technologies sell additional lengths at or near production costs.  My unbalanced cable from 1 meter pricing to 10 meters increased the price by 80%.  My antipodes cables 1 meter or 10 meters were sold on a per meter basis.  Their limit was 5 meter, so I purchased a 5, 3 and 2 meter to minimize junctions but allow for re-sale.  I still have and can not sell my 5 meter cable.  

I purchased my cable from David Beetles from Hammertone.  I recommend him.  Corby Audio in Canada, and Albert Porter of Porterhouse.  When I purchased from David, I purchased 2 power cables then immediately purchased 6 more and the 10 meter cable.  My power cables all were 3 meters -- he retrospectively discounted the cable from 3 months before and discounted on a loom.  If someone is interested in a bulk or group buy, I am certain deals can be found.  

Another cable I like and sold over these- Vertere, 

Disclosure - I never found a good pure silver design cable than Antipodes Reference.  But they use pure 24K gold from the neutral wire.  They are unshielded weaved in organic cotton, not that the organic part matters.  The weave is important too.  These cables were 4x the cost of ZL.  
From a recommendation, I picked up a cable cooker from a friend used and I am impressed with the results. Impressed is an understatement. Previously I was a skeptic and never believed in these devices. I am ordering some speaker cable and complete my loom. I can say without question these topped my Antipodes reference cables which themselves topped the Ultimate Reference by High Fidelity. Below are the review links that I am aware of to date. Many of these came out in recent months:

Review Links:





You might want to talk to Albert Porter about his success with the silver Purist cables.
Purist Cable is very very expensive, more than most systems out there. Even at 50% off which is rare still remains a huge investment beyond most everything except High Fidelity. What limited experience I have with Purist, I respect what they offer. They just are out of my price point. I have not done a comparison between ZL Technology and Purist. Albert is one of the most direct, knowledgeable and honest dealers I have hand the pleasure to work with.  I defer to Albert for this thoughts regarding how these two brands differ.