Zingali HM-215 horn speakers

Anyone have or have heard these speakers? Pluses? Minuses? Looking into horn mids with strong bass that have that "WOW" factor without being lots of "pieces" (i.e., no Avantgardes).

I don't know about that particular model, but I did spend some time at a dealer listening to some Zingalis. They were a lot of fun to listen to, dynamic and warm, but I though they also introduced a coloration into the music. Big band music sounded fantastic on them, but other music picked up a horn-like sound. Not a frequency-response coloration, but more like the resonance or harmonic structure of a horn instrument, like atrombone for example. It was a while ago, a bit hard to remember exactly, but I distinctly remember this impression,
Thanks for the response - I appreciate it.

I'm having a hard time finding a current US distributor so I can even arrange for an audition. Don't even know if they're still building speakers, or for that matter, still in business.

Any assistance is appreciated.

I have auditioned a pair of the intro line, contours I believe and heard a pair of top of the line Signatures. I wanted to like them, they look so great, but I am afraid, they were'nt for me. I do'nt like horns at the best of times, but I found these band limited, lacking base and treble extension and coloured, as Honest1 said.
I have a pair of the Zingali omniray floorstandering horn loaded towers (model S3, I think). These are stunning looking, very dynamic and actually quite neutral with no obvious coloration to my ear - at least until the spls get really high, at which point they can get a bit hard (like many, many other designs). My main complaint is the foam surrounds on the drivers which will degrade over time. All in, I'd still say that, while they are a less than perfect design, they are still (at their price) a very good value in premium finish horn loaded speakers.

Good Luck


The old distrubutor, OSSaudio.com in Toluca Lake, Ca. may still have an odd pair or two available on closeout.

Thanks Marty
I haven't heard that particular model, but I heard a smaller model with a single 15" woofer and it was quite nice.

If you're looking for "strong bass", the one with the single 15" woofer might be better. Adding a second identical woofer without doubling the box size will of course raise the efficiency but will actually reduce the bass extension.

Thanks Duke. Looks like that won't be an issue since I can't find a Zingali distributor in the US and I've already talked to Randy at OSS, who was very gracious but no longer connected to Zingali.

I'm pretty leery of the brand if there is no US support, so unless I just stumble across a pair, further investigation is not warranted at this point.