Zingali and Atma-Sphere. Heaven or Hell?

I'm considering matching a pair of Zingali Overture .2s with an Atma-Sphere M60. Opinions anyone?
I have heard Zingali overture 1s in a showroom, driven by dcs electronics and pathos amplifier. One of the nicest sounding system in my memory. I am sure it would work well.
Check out the OTL forum over at Audio Asylum for opinions.
You can even call Ralph at Atmasphere. I've found him to be very pleasant to deal with.

PS: If I remeber correctly, you're on Long Island. I would love to hear that combo if you do go foward.

Medford, LI
I have the HM112, drivin with an AN OTO SE, and really like them. But an atma-sphere would be magic on them I bet.
The Overture 2s are the speakers that made me fall in love with the Zingalis. In fact they were a better match for my Oto. Anyway let me know what happens
I have a pair of the 2s's and LOVE them. Paired with an AudioNote Meishu phono. Fantastic.