Zik Headphones

My son, knowing I love to listen to music, bought me a new pair of Zik Parrot Headphones for fathers day. I had never heard of them. I have a pair of moderately priced Grados and a pair of Sennheiser 280 s which have been fine for me .

He says these ZIKs are supposed to be the best wireless earphones around. I am somewhat skeptical of that claim BUT I don't want to hurt his feelings by taking them back without a good reason.. Anybody know much about these?
Why don't you listen to them and see if they sound good to you? Then decide what to do...

audiophile is questioning his gift at the community:-)
Sounds like you have a thoughtful and loving son. Wear 'em w a big smile on your face!
I am pretty skeptical, but in this case I agree just keep them and tell him they're great, even if you don't love the sound. I never heard oif them but they may be great you never know!
The saga of the ugly tie. Wear or hear it in your case or not. Pending the age of your son, would be the deciding factor.

You may find even if they sound terrible, that they may be useful when working around the house.
I know them well... my 14 year old son was obsessed with these headphones for months as they were all over the kind of tech web sites he reads. They look good and have all kinds of cool bluetooth features but when he actually purchased a pair and realized that all those cool features were not quite ready for prime time (guess a few firmware updates were required) he realized they just weren't worth the money.
Not sure if these comments help your predicament, but I used this as an opportunity to show my son what $299 buys if spent on sound quality as opposed to all the marketing crap that the Parrot Ziks specialize in.